My account is locked because I had 5 wrong password attempts. What Should I do?

If you have tried to login into your advertiser account more than five times, your Advertiser account on Coinis Platform will automatically be locked.

To access your Advertiser account, you will need to reset your password. How are you able to do that?

Go to your Coinis Advertiser Platform, provide your e-mail address, and submit it by clicking on the specified button.

After that, sign up on your mail, and check your mailing inbox. You will get a message from Coinis Team named “Reset Password Request for Coinis Advertising Platform.”

The mail will contain a link with the “Reset Password” button. You should click on the reset button. The link will take you to the Coinis Advertiser Platform, where you will type in your new password and confirm it. Then, you will click on the “Submit Password” button.

Upon resetting your password, you will get redirected to the Coinis Advertiser Platform, where you will insert your email and new password to log in.

It will provide you access to your Advertiser Account, and you can continue working on your campaigns.

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