Postback FAQ

A postback, also known as a server-to-server notification or callback, is a method used in affiliate marketing to send conversion data from the affiliate network to the advertiser’s server.

How does postback work?
When a user completes a desired action through an affiliate link, the network’s server sends a HTTP request (postback) to the advertiser’s server, containing information such as the conversion ID, affiliate ID, and conversion status.

Why is postback important in affiliate marketing?
Postback ensures accurate tracking and attribution of conversions, allowing affiliates to receive proper credit for the conversions they generate. It reduces reliance on browser cookies, which can be unreliable.

What information does a postback contain?
A postback typically includes details such as the conversion ID, affiliate ID, conversion status (successful or failed), conversion value (if applicable), and any additional data required for tracking and attribution.

How is postback implemented?
The advertiser provides the affiliate network with a postback URL. When a conversion occurs, the network’s server sends a postback request to that URL, and the advertiser’s server processes the data accordingly.

Can postback track multiple conversions?
Yes, postback can track multiple conversions. Each conversion triggers a separate postback request with unique identifiers and details.

What are the benefits of using postback in affiliate marketing?
Postback ensures accurate tracking, reduces fraud risk, enables real-time reporting, and provides valuable campaign data for optimization.

Are there any limitations or considerations with postback?
Postback relies on network and server reliability. The postback URLs should be secured and authenticated to prevent unauthorized access or data tampering.

How can I set up postback tracking for my affiliate marketing campaigns?

Collaborate with an affiliate network that supports postback functionality. Obtain the necessary information, such as the postback URL and parameters, and implement them on your server to start receiving postback notifications.

Here are the how-to guides for the most common tracking platforms:


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