What are the benefits of targeting different user freshness groups?

Focusing on only one user freshness group might get you stuck after some time. Thanks to different bids and targeting options, there is so much potential in all user freshness groups.

Let’s say you saw that the 0-3 days user freshness group is converting the best. This can easily be the case. But, the bids are pretty high since that is one of the most competitive user freshness groups, thanks to the quality of the users.

It wouldn’t be logical to create new campaigns with different user freshness groups, right?

But, what I say you that clicks in the 3-10 days user freshness group are 2 to 3 times cheaper than users in the 0-3 user freshness group.

This way, even though the CR will probably be lower, you still can be profitable thanks to the price of the clicks. You will pay less for each click.

Our recommendation:

If you see that one user freshness group is working, try to create different campaigns with the exact targeting but with other user freshness groups.

For example, you tested the 0-3 days user freshness group, which works well for you. That’s great! The next step should be creating other user freshness groups.

First – hours! Here, you can play however you want, and you can create a separate campaign for each hour or create one campaign 0-24 hours.

To start, you can create three different campaigns for hours targeting:

  1. 0-1 hours
  2. 1-12 hours
  3. 13-24 hours

This way, you can cover the first day.

Afer hours targeting, you should target more days:

  1. 3-10 days
  2. 10-20 days
  3. 20-35 days
  4. 35-50 days
  5. 50+ days

Even though the CR and CTR won’t be that high on higher user freshness groups, clicks are much cheaper, and you can get cheap conversions.

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