What is user freshness?

User freshness on the Coinis Advertising Platform represents the time elapsed since the user has opted-in to receive push notifications.

It is essential to understand user freshness in the right way so that you can optimize your campaigns.

User freshness targetting options

There are seven ways to target user freshness on the Coinis Advertising Platform.

By hours

Thanks to the slider, you can adjust any hours targetting you want.

By days

There are six pre-defined options to target user freshness by days:

  1. 0-3 days – Newly harvested
  2. 3-10 days – Vigorous
  3. 10-20 days – Moderate
  4. 20-35 days – Solid
  5. 35-50 days – Satisfactory
  6. 50+ days – Fair


#1: If you target 0-3 days of user freshness, that means that you are targeting users who have subscribed for push notifications in the last 0 to 3 days.

#2: If you target 0-12 hours of user freshness, you target users who have subscribed for push notifications in the last 0 to 12 hours.

Which user freshness should I target?

This mainly depends on your objective and on the campaign you want to run.

You should know that the fresher the user, the more quality it is. It is like that because the user that hasn’t been for too long subscribed for the push notifications still hasn’t received that many notifications. Lower user freshness groups (hours, 0-3 days, 3-10 days) tend to have higher CTR and CR.

How to properly target user freshness for the best results?

For the best results, we recommend one user freshness group per campaign.

If you have one campaign with certain targetting and want to include 3 user freshness groups, we recommend creating 3 different campaigns with different user freshness groups.

Bids on each user freshness group are different; this way, you will be sure that you will not overpay for certain users.

Let’s cover this with one example:

  1. Many user freshness groups + low bid – in this case, you will get the most traffic from “older” users because that is where your campaign is competitive.
  2. Many user freshness groups + high bid – in this case, your campaign will beat all other campaigns in high user freshness groups (10-20 days, 20-35 days, 35-50 days, 50+ days), and you will overpay for users who are for some time in push subscribers database.

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