Why are push notifications so popular?

A brief reminder – what are push notifications?

Push notifications are defined as short pop-up messages that appear on the screen of the device you are using. App publishers may send them at any time, and users do not have to be in the app to receive them.

Various parts make up a push notification. Usually, a title, a message, an image, and a URL are included.

There are different types of push notifications

  1. A notification on a mobile app,
  2. Online push notifications, available on websites – browser push notifications,
  3. Wearable devices can also get push notifications.

When we talk about push notification as a popular ad format, we have a good reason. The research done in the previous period shows us that push notifications are extremely popular because they appear less intrusive than other ad formats available in the affiliate marketing industry.

Due to that fact, marketers have the opportunity to get high conversion rates with push notifications through various verticals and categories.

They are an excellent opportunity for business success for publishers and advertisers.

High CPM (cost per mile) for publishers makes them even more, engaging in this industry and gives a comprehensive perspective of opportunities.

The users are more likely to accept this ad format because of the non-intrusive ad experience. And that is measured in high percentage rates.

You can expect advanced monetization

Push notifications can be used side by side with other ad formats, which is very important when publishers and advertisers choose to monetize their products through this ad format. It simply makes the process of monetization even more accessible and simple.

What other reason do we need to test push notifications when we know that it enables extra profitability without affecting another ad format that we are using at the same time.

Website owners gain great engagement because users do not have to be on their websites to receive messages. That results in another advantage of push ad format – they do not take up space on publishers’ websites, as they are not placed on the website. You are making money from it in a way that push notifications behave like alert messages. And that is how they work for laptop and desktop computers, in addition to mobile devices.

Easy integration makes them even more attractive. You have to pass the script on the website, and you are all set!

We use push notifications to provide information and updates, motivate users to interact with an app, send reminders, serve as a stage in the user journey, and much more.

Marketers are increasingly abandoning other ad formats in favor of push notifications

Why is that? Not so long ago, emails were the thing in this industry, but as time passed, we abandoned this communication format and instead used push notifications. It is a simple explanation – they may be used to notify you of almost any event, including breaking news, weather alerts, app updates, social-network updates, and valuable reminders. So they are replacing all sorts of information distribution available.

It is easy to understand why users find it hard to use mobile apps, and the push ad format offers simple communication with your targeted audience. There are so many reasons for that; for example, they encourage engagement, inducing users to finish the action by sending them impersonal attention-seeking messages like “Just X product left for this price.” At the same time, you are retaining users of your product.

Push notifications boost conversion rates, and that is why they are a great way to achieve your business goals, like purchasing the product from a customer.

In the same way, marketers are getting to target the right audience, and they can optimize campaigns by targeting users based on location, demographics, behavior, online activities, etc. That makes the budget spent more effective.

Also, you can improve the brand’s consistency with push notifications. Help people recognize your product and brand and see what you have the top offer. Then, stand out from the competition by animating users to buy what you sell.

What makes a good push notification?

Elements that build push notifications include:

1. Headline

To capture the reader’s attention, create a concise, original, and engaging title. The success of your message will be determined by the words you choose.

2. Message

Make sure your message is clear and simple to understand, and keep your material under the character limit. You can motivate your readers to take action by using action words.

3. Image

Use visuals to communicate more information with fewer words. For example, an image and your logo will help readers recognize and build trust in the message’s sender.

4. URL

It is essential to include a link in your message. It should be simple for the reader to click on the link in your message and be taken directly to your website.

To summarize it

Push notifications are great because:

  1. Users receive instant notifications
  2. 94% retention rate
  3. Brand loyalty
  4. Reach customers at the right time and place
  5. Personalized messages that bring high performance
  6. Links that drive traffic to websites

Send us Your Traffic Information and Try Coinis Push SDK

Depending on your traffic information we can create a custom solution for you. Contact us with your websites’ details.

Coinis.com enables you to track your performances in the section Statistics. Furthermore, you can filter the statistics for a certain period and by country, browser, operating system, or zone.

We have our own DSP

Yes, we also have our Advertiser platform (DSP) and we offer you our push notification campaign ad format as well!

Choose a push notification campaign and set a general configuration consisting of the campaign name and campaign vertical.

Then, you will proceed to the targeting of the campaign, by different categories available.

Upon that, you will proceed to traffic sources where you can target users by specific SubIDs & Placements.

After that, you will set the budget and bids for the campaign, cost per click, and period of the time for the campaign budget. Then set the conversion tracking links.

Upon that, you can manage creatives for your campaign, we provided you to create 15 of them. Save your campaign, and you are all set!

On your dashboard, you can track the performances of your campaigns. In addition, you can see reports and the finance section (funds and invoices). 

It is a simple setup that will be an excellent option for your business and scaling up your income. If you want to find out more about push notifications, contact our team, and we will get back to you shortly!

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