Why is my website declined for contextual ads?

When the Publisher register at Coinis Publisher Platform to monetize the product, the Publisher will have access to different ad formats available on our platform.

Besides In-Page Push, Push Rev-Share, and Push CPS, Coinis offers Contextual ads. Contextual ads imply serving users suitable ads with carefully crated technology that makes no mistakes. These ads follow the ad space’s look, feel, and content.

It means a native look that follows content but delivers relevant ads on Publisher’s website.

Publishers can choose ad formats that best suit the website, but they need to fulfill requirements regarding their traffic quality as well as the volume of the traffic.

When it comes to contextual ads, or any other ad format available on our platform, the Publisher needs high-quality traffic – traffic that interacts with consumers that the Publisher is trying to reach according to the parameters of converting or interest in the content website is offering.

High-quality website traffic will generate a better ROI (revenue on investment) than low-quality traffic. And that is the goal of the whole monetization process of the Publisher’s product.

Also, the traffic quality must be measured on the specific amount of traffic. That is why it is important to have a certain amount of daily traffic volume to get approved for contextual ads.

If the Publisher’s website does not fulfill the requirements for the quality of the traffic and the daily traffic searches, the website will be declined for the contextual ads.

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