Ad Mediation

What is Ad Mediation?

An app monetization solution where app developers manage multiple ad networks all in one place. This requires just one SDK integration. They create an arena where advertising networks compete to place their ads while providing several ad networks with access to an app’s inventory. Because of the increased rivalry across ad networks, the eCPMs are competitive, which results in more ad revenue for app developers in the long run. Traditional ad mediation platforms optimize their ad networks using a ‘waterfall’ method where ad networks are ranked and prioritized based on their total income potential.

To find the best accessible ad networks, mediation platforms send advertising requests to numerous demand sources. The best available ads are found this manner, and publishers’ ad spots are filled. Ad networks are ranked from least to most preferred by publishers. Because of this, mediation platforms will try the next most favored ad network until one of them can fulfill ad requests. Ad Mediation makes your ad inventory available to different ad networks so that they can compete for public ad spaces. As a result of this process, advertisers have to compete harder for your attention, boosting your ad revenue. The mediation platform compares the CPMs offered by the various ad networks and finds the best deal.

Managing it doesn’t take any time at all, which is a huge perk. The highest bidder always wins, thanks to an optimization program. In an easy connection, ad mediation gives you all the monetization tools you need. As a result, integrating SDKs takes less time for developers. It’s also easier for them because they don’t have to worry about or manage their monetization strategy for ads. Instead, everything is controlled from a single location. A waterfall strategy, mediation, allows you to specify which networks should be called in what order. They’re frequently arranged based on the cost per thousand impressions (CPM) for each ad network. The mediation platform will next request adverts from the ad networks in the particular sequence selected. When it comes to monitoring and maximizing your advertising revenue, ad mediation can save you a significant amount of time and effort. However, in most cases, it lacks or requires additional optimization because it does not contain the optimal arrangement.

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