Ad Network

What is Ad Network?

An ad network is a technology platform that acts as a broker between advertisers and publishers in the ad marketplace.

They group media owners’ inventory in one place and sell it through auctions using programmatic technology. This setup has allowed both publishers and advertisers to scale easily because it eliminated the need for most of the face-to-face negotiations and manual actions.

Ad network function as follows:

  1. They gather inventory from publishers (websites, streaming services, apps…)
  2. Advertisers create campaigns with specific targeting criteria and a predetermined budget.
  3. By using algorithms, they match publishers’ ad space with advertisers based on the campaign criteria that they selected.

By automating processes, ad networks have become a technical and commercial intermediary between publishers and advertisers, becoming an indispensable actor in the advertising ecosystem.

On the technical level, integrations are often provided for both sides of the ecosystem. From the supply side, publishers can easily offer their inventory, and from the demand side, advertisers can easily activate and monitor their campaigns.

On a commercial level, ad networks facilitate payments and transactions. Without an ad network serving as an intermediary, publishers would have to negotiate deals with each advertiser individually.

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