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What is Ad Network ?

An online advertising network that connects app developers and advertisers. Mobile advertising’s monetization would be impossible without ad networks. Advertisers and publishers use them as technical and commercial mediators. Integrations are frequently given on a technical level, enabling the supply-side to sell their goods and for the demand-side to launch and monitor campaigns. Ad networks serve a commercial purpose by making payments and transactions easier for businesses. Publishers would have to negotiate with each advertiser individually if ad network solutions weren’t available to pull demand. There were numerous ways in which an advertising network operated. An ad network collects inventory from a large number of publishers and auctions it off to advertisers.

If the campaign is being run across various ad networks and direct partnerships with publishers, the advertiser can use the campaign-management interface of the ad network or put up pixels from a third-party ad server for verification reasons and combined reporting. Campaign parameters (such as targeting, budget, and frequency caps) are put up by the advertiser; then, by embedding these tags directly into the page or utilizing a first-party ad server, the publisher places the ad-network ad tags on their site for display. Using the ad network’s campaign-management panel, an advertiser can rotate several banners on a website without contacting the publisher once the ad has been placed. However, the biggest advantage for publishers is selling inventory that was not previously available through direct deals. However, this does not save the publisher from "wasting" impressions, i.e., not achieving high fill and selling all of their available ad inventory.

While ad networks primarily assist publishers in selling leftover stock, they also give numerous advantages to advertisers. The relative size of Using an intermediary, an advertiser can purchase more inventory from a broader range of publications while also streamlining campaign reporting. It’s possible to save time when an advertiser creates a campaign; they only have to sign insertion orders once for all publishers. Measurement of the Campaign’s Effectiveness is the campaign’s reach will be assessed, and a frequency cap will be implemented across the board. There are different ad networks like premium, vertical ad networks specialized or inventory and performance, and affiliate ad networks.

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