App Metrics

What is App Metrics?

Мetrics that are used for measuring the success of an app. It’s critical for the app’s design team to understand what its users are doing to make adjustments to the app. The developers’ job is to know what makes an app successful; thus, they employ analytics to help them do so. There would be no way for businesses and developers to know whether their apps succeed without them. When using App Metrics, you may track request rates, user logins over time, execution times for database queries, and free memory availability.

Supported metric kinds include Apdex, Gauges, Counters, Meters, Histograms, and Timers (to name a few). Within app metrics, you can do a lot of things. Like you can measure the performance of any.NET application, including Windows Services, MVC Sites, Web APIs, and more. In addition, you measure the performance and error of an MVC or Web API endpoint automatically. Moreover, you can decide on a location for storing captured metrics and a dashboard for seeing them. In addition, you can support metrics collection based on push and pull via TSDB reporting extensions and delivering metrics in the proper format over HTTP. Although the memory usage is small, it will be affected by the number of metrics you track.

There is extremely little memory overhead even when using a large number of metrics. However, App Metrics employs Reservoir Sampling to get around this to keep a small, manageable reservoir reflecting the complete data stream. This allows us to measure the statistical distribution of values using histograms instead of App Metrics’ Reservoir Sampling. App Metrics was designed to simplify collecting the metrics you care about in an app while also having a minimal influence on the app’s performance.

You can then send these metrics to the repository of your choice using the library’s reporting features. Many open-source time series databases and paid monitoring solutions are available, each with its advantages and disadvantages. App Metrics gives your application the capability to capture metrics and easily swap out the underlying metric repository or report to multiple repositories with little effort.

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