AR Advertising

What is AR Advertising?

AR Advertising refers to augmented reality, a mobile ad unit that superimposes 3D assets using a smartphone camera onto users’ real-world surroundings. This kind of ad can work on both iOS and Android in-app traffic, on rewarded placements on video and displays. AR Advertisement employs a smartphone camera to superimpose 3D elements such as advertising game scenes or game characters in the user’s real-world environment. AR interactive advertising allows marketers and advertisers to reach their consumers in new and creative ways.

AR advertising has already become a motto in the technological world. It’s hard to find someone who has never heard of a bestselling mobile AR game and Pokémon GO played by millions worldwide. AR is not only about fun, though it extends beyond play and enjoyment. In many professions, from education to health care to construction, AR has spectacular perspectives. AR has now become an advertiser and will transform the way the digital advertising market worked in 2020. There are various reasons to adopt AR in advertising. Firstly, AR commercials are immersive, helping marketers to develop a certain emotional connection to customers. For example, unlike photos or banners, AR advertisements are interactive and livelihood: consumers can see and even engage with them.

By interacting with AR advertisements, consumers feel like playing a fascinating video game. This creates an emotional relationship with customers and encourages them to make purchases. Of course, a dynamic relationship is a terrific instrument to increase brand recognition. Secondly, though digital commercials are very popular, conventional print ads are not yet outdated. There are many print publications with fascinating images advertising a wide range of goods and services. However, placing ads in prominent print magazines may be rather costly.

Two main types of AR exist marker-based and location-based. With the aid of either of them. Launching an AR advertising campaign is generally far cheaper than placing a printed ad on a print publication. In addition, for various campaigns, the same AR application can be used. Thirdly, AR advertising is not the only way that products or services are promoted. AR provides marketers and advertising new means of increasing sales volumes like Virtual trials. Fourthly, Digital advertisements utilize complex machine learning algorithms to monitor user behavior and interests in order to advise the right people on the correct items and services. AR ads provide marketers with even better opportunities: enhanced hyper-local advertising. Therefore, AR ads are highly valuable for business owners and can assist attract more clients.

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