Average Revenue Per Daily User

What is Average Revenue Per Daily User?

A mobile marketing metric that helps track mobile games’ monetization performance. This indicator is used to track how successfully your monetization techniques are working day in and day out. With this information, you can see how much revenue your active users are bringing in daily. Revenue is calculated from a variety of sources such as in-app purchases, subscriptions, and advertising.

Another widely used measure is ARPDAU, which shows how well an app performs daily and what events or promotions impact revenue. Mobile app and game developers rely on ARPDAU as a critical measure, and it’s one of the most widely utilized. You’ll be able to tell how well your app is performing daily by tracking ARPDAU. Analyze the revenue impact of events or promotions. Get an overview of your app’s revenue. Have the information you need to make important decisions, perform better, and track your progress. Measure ARPDAU and how it naturally varies are prominent approaches to user acquisition methods that use this measure. Segment your new users by where they came from during a user acquisition campaign. Analyze the information to discover which networks, apps, or advertisements are most effective for your game.

ARPU can only be calculated after a standard period has been defined. ARPU is typically calculated on a month-to-month basis by telephone and communications service providers, for example. The revenue generated throughout the normal period may be calculated by dividing the total revenue by the number of units or users. The amount of income made per mobile phone user is tracked by carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, and others using this metric. When calculating ARPU in the cellular phone sector, the money earned by incoming calls and subscription fees billed to customers each month are included in addition to the revenue from subscription fees.ARPU data are also made public by cable providers like Comcast. This data is useful for comparing subscriber-based firms and estimating future service income generated from a client base, both internally and externally. Despite not being subscription-based, social media businesses like Facebook and Snap provide investors with ARPU metrics that are relatively new to the market. The disparity between the two firms’ performance on these metrics may help explain the wide valuation differential.ARPU is a well-established metric used by executives and analysts alike. It’s also been criticized for not giving enough information on the users. It’s merely a broad-brush approach.

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