Click ID

What is Click ID?

The user’s identification code containing important data about the action he performed (such as day, hour, browser, etc.).Because the affiliate’s primary job is to direct traffic to the merchant’s website, when users click on an affiliate link, they are taken to that site. Click IDs are unique numbers assigned to every one of those clicks. For the merchant to pay affiliate commissions, Click ID is essential. It also contains information like the time of day and location where the action was performed by the user and information about the browser. Accounts administered by Search Ads 360 generate click IDs on their own without any assistance from the user.

The usage of auto-tagging in Google Ads results in the generation of unique click IDs, and Search Ads 360 requires the use of auto-tagging in Google Ads. When Google Ads shows your ad, a click ID is generated. There will only be one Click ID connected with each time an individual clicks on an ad impression. The click ID will be the same for all landing page visitors for the same appearance. Enable Google Analytics support or the conversion API service to generate click IDs in other types of accounts. Search Ads 360 will append a click ID to each one before redirecting clicks to your landing page.

Search Ads 360 will use the click ID generated by the search engine in accounts that support parallel tracking. A Final URL Suffix is added to accounts that use similar tracking immediately before transmitting changes to the engine. Although the parameter is not visible in Search Ads 360, it is visible if you sign in to the engine and look at the Final URL Suffix. Search Ads 360 adds the parameter shortly before sending a click to the landing page in other types of engine accounts. The best way to find out if a click ID is working in Google Ads is to click on a live ad in Google search results. There is no guarantee that the landing page URL will have a click ID if you click the Test button in Google Ads.

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