Contextual Ads

What is Contextual Ads?

Contextual Ads are ad formats based on relevant content of a web page, mostly its topic and main keywords.

They are a native way to engage with your audience, based on the native look which follows your content but delivers relevant ads.
Contextual Ads automatically scan the page for keywords and present users with the most-fitting ads on the website.

One of the main advantages of this ad format is the non-disruptive widget design that matches your page. In addition, contextual ads imitate the ambiance of your website, shaping them to fit your page by size and colors.

The system recognizes topic-relevant keywords and optimizes towards displaying the ad that’s most likely to convert with your visitor. Ads shown are based on content that is already on your web page rather than focusing on user behavior, and the whole process is done through the targeting process.

Contextual advertising works by placing ads on relevant pages regardless of the past actions of a page visitor, so the offers that visitors see match their interests. Because the ads are contextually relevant, they tend to have higher performance. Contextual is that as the content of a page changes, so do the ads shown on that page.

To activate contextual ads, you have to get the code, add it to your website, and ads will start showing up.

Generally, the flow goes like this:
-DSP needs to recognize what your campaign is about to display your ads on relevant websites.
-In keyword and topic-based contextual advertising, the ad publisher relies on the primary keyword associated with the web page or its topic.

The benefits of using these ad formats are great. Whether you have a website or a small blog, as a publisher, you can now serve ads for different products without needing assistance. Just place a contextual ads widget on your website and let the algorithms do all the work for you. Ads compatible with the content of the website will appear.

On the other hand, for advertisers, this is an opportunity to convey messages to profitable audiences without going out and finding them. As a result, this type of ad format has higher clickability than ads irrelevant to the particular web page. Besides that, ads can now be more customized based on the user’s demographic information and geographic location.

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