What is Conversion?

A term used for when a visitor purchases on the website. A conversion can be anything from filling out a form to generating leads, signing up for emails, or making a purchase online, depending on your goals. Depending on the device, it may also be an install or download, a sign-up, or an investment. To put it another way, a conversion is an act of getting someone to take action once they have been prompted to do so. Setup of conversion monitoring is essential if you want to keep track of these as conversions.

Website conversions come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The conversion of a prospect into a customer does not have to be the focus of a conversion. A visitor’s transformation into a prospective customer is also a conversion. A conversion occurs when a search engine user becomes a website visitor. Every time this happens, it counts as a conversion. They are getting a website visitor to sign up for a newsletter and changing a subscriber into a customer, changing a one-time customer into a loyal one, and getting a visitor to fill out a contact or inquiry form and become a potential customer. In this instance, the conversion and the lead are the same because the lead initiates contact with a possible buyer—conversion of a website visitor who dials a phone number they found while searching for one.

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