Cost per Engagement

What is Cost per Engagement?

A price the advertiser pays every time a user engages if the advertiser chooses as the goal. Advertisers who wish to use this pricing model must choose a post-install event. Sponsors only pay for users who participate in the advertised event at a later time. Reaching a certain level, posting a review, finishing the registration process are examples of specific events. CPE is the cost of advertising divided by the number of interactions. In-app mobile offerwalls are the most common delivery method for rewarded CPE campaigns. There have been several highly successful CPE efforts in the mobile gaming industry.

CPE works so well in mobile games because of the prevalence of incentivized advertising in them. Rewarded Cost Per Engagement rewards users with virtual currency in exchange for participation, boosting the probability of contact. Once the app is downloaded, any action taken by the user constitutes an interaction or event. Marketers plan these events in advance and only pay when customers reach the predetermined goals. Because engagements are tightly linked to ad budgets, app marketers must select events that yield a positive return on their ad spend investments (or ROAS). Existing user behavior can be examined to determine which events will provide the most ROAS.

Choosing "reaching level three" as the target event, for example, is a good strategy if your players normally make their first in-app purchase after completing the third level of your game. App genre has a large impact on target engagement. In large part, this is because different apps employ distinctly diverse forms of revenue generation. Ad monetization-heavy apps, for example, may emphasizemeetings that lead to more sessions and higher retention rates than those that don’t. However, apps that make money from in-app purchases are more likely to convert users into payers. Whenever you’re in doubt, run a test first!

App advertisers can use Multi-Reward Engagements for CPE to target different in-app milestones. Because it pays users with increasingly larger sums of money, the Multi-Reward model encourages users to stay more engaged with the program over time. Although we observe casual apps and idle clickers benefiting most from the format when milestones are strategically picked, this offer type is particularly beneficial for games like role-playing, strategy, and casino that rely on users who are emotionally immersed in the storyline. There are various benefits of using Cost per Engagement advertising. It is performance-based pricing, promotes user choice, and guarantees ad engagement.

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