Direct Billing Flow

What is Direct Billing Flow?

When the billing is made by taking money directly from the user’s phone. A mobile user’s mobile number is used to identify them when using Direct Billing, given through MSISDN identification. This transaction is carried out through a mobile phone, and the users’ phone balance is automatically deducted (publishers receive their commissions directly to their banking accounts). Some affiliate networks also permit direct payments to online e-wallets or payment systems like PayPal. Every mobile device can access it. Creating and delivering invoices directly to a service or product’s end-user is what this procedure is all about.

Direct billing occurs when the insurance company bills the insured now, and the insured pays the insurance company back in full in the following months or years. Every month, the insurance company sends the insurance agency a direct bill commission statement with its earned commission. One of three ways is to direct billed policy income entering the agency management system: service billing and check depositing as income are the most typical methods of statement entry. Suppose an insurance agency uses the direct bill approach. In that case, one of their biggest challenges will be reconciling the commission received every month, which can be tough if there are a large number of transactions. When a policyholder pays in installments, the insurance company may pay the insurance agency’s commission as the payments are received.

The agency should pressure the insurance company to pay them in full when the policy is constrained due to the volume of transactions, if this is the case, to lower the number of transactions each month. Many agencies today use direct bill commission downloads from their workflows in the agency management systems to reconcile commissions. This enables the insurance firm to download commission statements directly from carriers into your management system automatically and without requiring any human intervention. It is a very successful management approach to use direct bill commission downloads in the reconciliation and billing process.

One of the numerous benefits of using direct billing downloads is that they eliminate the need for hours of manual data entry while also improving productivity and profitability. Managing transactions and determining if an insurance agency is fully reconciled requires considering numerous factors specific to each agency. The amount and number of disparities in the commissions paid by firms can be identified.

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