Direct Buy

What is Direct Buy?

Contacting website owners and buying traffic from them directly. To begin, you must first contact the website’s owner and negotiate a purchase price. Choosing this form of traffic for purchasing will mostly result in large quantities of low-quality traffic, and while it has many benefits, it also has some significant drawbacks. Some of the disadvantages include the need for the affiliate to find and contact the appropriate people and websites. Furthermore, the pricing negotiation procedure can be arduous and time-consuming. There are various advantages of direct site buys. Because you interact directly with the publisher’s ad team, you have a better chance of getting premium ad spots that aren’t available through programmatic.

Takeover advertisements, initial content blocks, and other in-your-face ad types can usually only be purchased directly from the publisher. Direct buys are a good option to invest in huge load sizes and rich media ad types. Direct buys provide you the greater creative freedom to develop more interesting commercials. If you wish to animated advertisements, video ads, etc., you may have to go the direct buy way because they are often too large for programmatic platforms. You’re getting from the outset with direct buys, with direct buys. Instead of bidding in a predictable marketplace, RTB uses remaining inventory, and there’s no guarantee you’ll win. In contrast, there is some drawback of direct buys. By using a direct investment, you’ll get a large number of impressions on a single website rather than a collection of sites.

This may or may not be a drawback to you, depending on your objectives. Direct purchasing necessitates a significant amount of manual labor. Working with an ad team to get a decent placement and monitoring your advertisements once they’ve been placed takes effort, as does contacting a publisher via email and exchanging phone conversations. Direct buying necessitates more human involvement throughout the advertising process than automated programmatic buying does. As a result, relying solely on direct purchases for your marketing is inefficient. Although an immediate purchase might appear to be the most transparent, direct publishers sometimes lack the sophisticated tools and viewability reporting provided by more established ad servers.

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