Earnings per Click

What is Earnings per Click?

The revenue you get for every 100 clicks on your affiliate link. To find your Earnings per click, divide the affiliate commission by the number of clicks on your promotional material (you now have your income per click). The final step is to multiply this amount by 100 to find your Earnings per 100 clicks on your promotional material. If you’re an affiliate, EPC can make it easier for you to identify high-paying offers by letting you compare rewards.EPC is an important statistic for tracking analytics for companions, and it’s also a typical way to pay affiliates. This is something to keep in mind: A single activity like clicking won’t generate any revenue. If your bounce rate is high or if you receive a large number of clicks, but no sales or sign-ups are generated, you may not be able to earn any money.

You can easily figure out how much money you’ll make for every click you get. Here’s how to calculate the EPC: EPC is the sum of your total commissions minus the number of clicks you’ve obtained through your associate links. Numerous affiliate marketing websites offer this kind of information to affiliates. Their affiliate items’ EPC is calculated for you by them. Because the affiliate program’s partner provides an average, you may see this statistic referred to as "network EPC." EPC can be made better in several ways. Remember that re-engaging is an invaluable tool in digital marketing. Your affiliate product can have a customized exit-intent popup created and displayed on your website. Use Popup smart exit-intent technology in this scenario and for many others. Visitors that demonstrate an intent to leave your site will get a popup when they are on a specified page.

A call to action button on your exit popup will link visitors to your affiliate items. If your target market is interested, they will buy, resulting in a profit for you. Online marketers and website owners are concerned about pop-ups, believing that they would negatively impact their user experience (UX). However, this isn’t always the case. Popups can be quite effective at turning inactive traffic into paying consumers if handled correctly. There are several varieties of popups, but floating bars are one of the easiest to utilize. Because of this, a large number of global companies have implemented them on their websites.EPC is influenced greatly by the level of market rivalry. Increased market rivalry raises revenue per click earnings. Online publishers must use a link from a high-paying merchant to earn the most money from their connections.

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