Frequency Capping

What is Frequency Capping?

The number of times a user will see a specific ad within a defined period. Frequency Mapping limits the number of times a user sees or clicks on the same ad. This helps reduce banner burnout. It’s an excellent tool for campaigns that track responses based on how many people click through to see the content. Because frequency capping is generally set for a single impression per visitor, people aren’t frustrated by seeing the same advertisement repeatedly. Frequency capping is significant since it improves the user experience while also preventing budget abuse. When there are too many adverts, it might feel spammy and irritate users. However, if you run too few ads, you may not be able to get your point across. Frequency capping allows you to give the ideal number of impressions to increase engagement and yield results from your efforts.

Frequency capping can be automated with the help of ad platforms. Ideally, they will use data to understand client interests and behaviors better and then adjust the frequency of your campaigns accordingly. Implementing ad capping into your product has three major advantages: Advertisers appreciate the opportunity to update and adapt caps. It’s possible that incorporating it into your delivery logic will result in more revenue. It ensures that users aren’t overwhelmed with adverts they don’t want to see. Frequency capping reduces the number of times the same consumer sees an ad by employing unique identifiers that track users across different platforms and devices. As a result, finding the sweet spot where a consumer sees an advertisement frequently enough to remember a brand is difficult for marketers. Marketers will need to access a larger pool of premium inventory if they want to use frequency capping and deliver advertisements to more customers less frequently.

By collaborating with supply-side platforms that offer precise targeting and scalability, marketers may gain access to first-look inventory and valuable audiences through strong partnerships with reputable publishers. Frequency capping protects consumers from ad fatigue and needless expenditure by limiting the number of times ads appear. You can find the sweet spot for your audience — and the subsets of your audience — and then fine-tune your expenditures and touchpoints to obtain the best results. Strategies specialize in OTT and CTV advertising optimization for digital marketers. For more information on how we can assist protect your brand and your clients’ brands from apathy or animosity caused by overexposure to advertising, please contact us immediately.

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