Installs Per Mille

What is Installs Per Mille?

A metric used to track the number of installs per thousand impressions. Many factors can influence it, such as app store optimization, targeting strategy, supply source, and creativity. Installs per Mille is a metric for determining how effective your user acquisition efforts are. You can influence the waterfall ad bidding process and boost the rank of your ad campaign by having a good IPM. More traffic and impressions will undoubtedly lead to more conversions as a result of this.IPM is essential for determining how user acquisition efforts are working compared to the market as a whole. Hence, if user acquisition can scale for a particular game – ultimately representing your purchasing power.

UA managers must exert control over their place in the waterfall to crack UA at scale. The eCPM, which is IPM multiplied by the CPI bid, and machine learning algorithms and projections determine a campaign’s position and competitiveness within the waterfall. UA managers can begin improving their eCPMs once they understand how they compare, allowing them to become more competitive and obtain access to additional impressions. While there are various strategies UA managers may use to improve their IPM, creative optimization is the easiest and most successful. UA managers may now employ more sophisticated creative optimization than ever before, thanks to advancements in interactive ad capabilities.

While the most basic kinds of creative optimization involve simple methods like adjusting the color of CTAs, UA managers may take advantage of the numerous touchpoints found in playable or interactive advertising to make more informed business decisions that will result in a higher IPM. On the other hand, UA managers must be aware of ad fraud, as it is the leading cause of IPM failure. It’s critical to ensure that the channels you’re buying from aren’t stealing credit for organic or paid installs from other networks to keep your IPM on genuine sources high.

It’s crucial to remember that a low IPM could lead you to make the wrong creative selection owing to fraud. You may believe your game isn’t working, but the installs you’ve created are being assigned to fraudulent channels, so you’re not seeing them. To prevent being a victim of fraud — and suffering a reduced IPM — UA managers must turn off any media that aren’t boosting installs over time or aren’t incremental.

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