Keyword Density

What is Keyword Density?

The ratio between the keyword and the total number of words on a page. The fraction of index-able text words is calculated as keyword density. The keyword density is 6 percent if a keyword appears six times on a web page with 100 text words. However, keep in mind that search engines can see a larger term density percentage as spam, resulting in more harm than benefit (your website pages can be penalized for keyword stuffing). Individual words and lengthier phrases featured inside a single page of content are referred to as keyword density. A single keyword or term may appear on a website, or numerous keywords and phrases appear on a page. Keywords were the best way to get discovered and ranked by search engines in the early days of the internet, but that is no longer the case.

When it comes to keyword density, less is more. Although there is no particular amount of times a keyword or phrase should appear in a piece of content, it is a reasonable rule of thumb to include a keyword or phrase in a bit of content no more than 2% of the time. The number of words on a page is divided by the number of keywords or phrases to calculate the keyword density. A page with 100 words and two instances of the term in question, for example, would have a keyword density of 2%.In addition to keyword density, keyword location should be taken into account.

It is preferable to use words throughout the text rather than concentrate all keywords and phrases in a single part. The header, one or more subheadings, the first paragraph, and the concluding paragraph are all examples of good keyword placement. Keywords, as well as captions for pictures and images, can be placed in metadata. Additionally, a keyword or phrase should never be repeated more than once in a sentence and nearly never in a paragraph.

Even though Google does not confess to employing keyword density as part of its ranking method, it is a popular SEO approach. In addition, Google does not recommend a certain keyword density. Keyword density is an overrated term, according to many SEO experts and marketers. Instead, any piece of material that is released on the internet should be focused on quality. Google and other search engines prioritize providing the greatest material to their consumers; therefore, the information providing value to users will always be ranked higher than lower-quality content. To summarize, if a term occurs too frequently on a page, search engines will degrade the entire site and place it lower in search results.

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