Link Juice

What is Link Juice?

The power passed to a website via either internal or external source links. It’s a slang term for measuring and describing how much electricity goes from one point to another (therefore strengthening it). When a website links to another website, it transmits some of its beneficial attributes and “gives a recommendation” for that website in the eyes of search engines. The idea is simple: as more link juice flows from a connecting to a related site, the advice appears to be stronger. The two types of link juice are internal and external link juice. The connecting power that is passed on from another website is known as external link juice. Inner link juice refers to the connecting power that internal links transmit to other internal subpages.

Backlink profile and TrustRank are two of the essential criteria in search engine optimization (SEO) for link juice, as the amount of link juice is important for a site’s link profile. The higher the Trust Rank of the linking sites, the more link juice flows from them to the areas to which they are linked. Generally, several links (Do-Follow, No-Follow) lead from one site to another. Data-driven software tools, such as the Searchmetrics Suite, can be used to examine the connection structure. A summary of all significant elements of the backlink profile’s structure may be obtained on the overview side. Not only can you see which links come into a site and which leave it, but you can also see how the interaction between links with "DoFollow" and "NoFollow" qualities works.

The success and failure of measures that a change in the backlink profile might bring are also made clear with the graphic portrayal of changes in the backlink structure. The link juice is distributed according to a straightforward principle: The link juice is distributed properly and fairly: each site receives the same amount of or less than the others. The amount of link juice that each individual linked site receives from the linking site is inversely proportional to the total number of related sites — the more sites that are linked together, the less link juice flows to each one individually. The link juice principle is based on the notion of giving and receiving, with the amount of link juice a site may pass on increasing in direct proportion to the amount of link juice it receives from other sites.

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