Manual Approval

What is Manual Approval?

A review process that affiliates have to get accepted (usually reviewing their identity, address, financial status, etc.). Manual Approval is a procedure used to take a single affiliate member into a program. Every affiliate has to go through validating and, if necessary, approving a referral claim. Merchants scrutinize each affiliate’s application for inclusion in their affiliate program.Sends should be routed through other Salesforce users for evaluation to ensure that information provided via Distributed Marketing is compliant. To enable manual approval, develop a method for Distributed Marketing content to be approved. Then, under the Distributed Marketing Administration app, activate the option for manual approvals by selecting it. Before sending, content is reviewed by authorized individuals. Some affiliate managers may set an affiliate application to an automatic approval procedure or even outsourcing program managers.

This isn’t unknown, because of this, any affiliate who applies to the program will be accepted, and the affiliate manager won’t have to approve new affiliates regularly manually. The drawback is that the floodgates are wide open, and the affiliate scheme is exposed to questionable affiliates.In some circumstances, the affiliate manager can put up some high-level business rules based on the software, such as rejecting affiliates or publishers from a specific country and, in some cases, specific affiliate kinds. A country-specific affiliate rejection is based on the affiliate’s country of origin in the application, such as Iran, or if the IP address originates from that country. If an affiliate program doesn’t operate with cashback affiliates or coupon sites, the affiliate manager can automatically set up a business rule to reject them.However, you may rest assured that a human being has screened the affiliates who are marketing your products.

The affiliate team can review the validity of the affiliate application in 30 to 90 seconds and ensure that it meets the requirements set forth; from the application form, Domain ownership / Domain WHOis, reverse the look of the affiliate’s phone/address and, if necessary, e-mail the affiliate to ask for more details.The approval of affiliates is only a stepping stone to creating a good affiliate program devoid of fraud, but with human approval. Only a few steps separate this affiliate program from others, and these are segmentation and Tiered offers.

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