Native to Search

What is Native to Search?

Native to search is the type of ad format in affiliate marketing that is placed on native traffic.

The native to search feed flow implies that a user gets redirected to a landing page with search ads displayed.

Displayed ads are from various verticals popular in the affiliate industry like utilities, finance, travel, insurance, e-comm, dating, etc.

When a user clicks on the native to search ad, he gets redirected to a search page, with the displayed result based on the selected category of the customer.

When it comes to the flow of native to search ads, there are two types of flows: one-click flow and two-click flow.

The one-click flow consists of a user clicking on a native to search ads displayed on the website, which redirects him to the one landing page. One-click flow presents ads from keywords in the search engine.

Two-click flow as the second option consists of clicking on the native ad and then getting redirected to an intermediary page. Clicking on the sponsored listing, users get redirected to all suggested search ads related to the keywords mentioned.

When it comes to native search ads, you can work with them in many verticals. Some of the categories related to this ad format that are very popular are software, finance, education, insurance, beauty, gadgets, dental implants, car insurance, home improvement, loans, and tech equipment.

Native to search implementation is easy, and you can make the maximum profit from the traffic you have. The users of your digital assets that you are targeting are getting custom solutions.

With native to search ads, publishers are increasing user engagement with search ads.

To start running native to search ads, you should buy traffic via Yahoo, Bing, Outbrain, Facebook, or Taboola. Then you optimize the content of your product and get users to click on your ad with optimal landing pages with proposed keywords with the highest revenue per click. Every click on native to search ad brings you a profit.

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