Offer URL

What is Offer URL?

The final URL that the visitor lands on when clicking on the promotion link. A developer’s redirection URL is known as an offer URL. In other words, it is a customized form of an individual source’s address that transmits data about your clicks and interactions with the advertiser. The data it generates is subjected to some filters, including parameters, values, and macros. Your website or products may be promoted through the use of an affiliate referral link or URL. You may trace a certain affiliate when a visitor or customer goes to a specific URL with the affiliate ID or username appended.

A recommendation is generated and a commission is provided to the affiliate if the consumer successfully completes a conversion (i.e. a sale or a form submission). Creating affiliate referral URLs is easy when using one of three methods. Any URL or product page on your website might have an affiliate ID manually added at the end by the affiliate. When the affiliate is logged in, they can construct their own referral URL from the Affiliate Area by pasting the URL of any page on your site into the Page URL field and clicking "Generate URL.

You can also supply your affiliates with affiliate referral links directly. Simply include their affiliate ID in the URLs you offer them with when promoting their products. In order for affiliates to effectively market your website, they can post their affiliate referral links on their own websites, on social media, in emails, and in many other places.

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