Offer Wall

What is Offer Wall?

An Offer Wall is a platform that connects publishers with brands. It is a place that an affiliate network, which acts as a middleman, uses to connect publishers with brands that are offering different types of affiliate programs.

An Offer Wall acts as a marketplace where brands can find affiliates that are interested in promoting their products and boosting sales. it is usually made up of thousands of programs that affiliates can discover and join.

There are three parties that benefit from a product such as Offer Wall:

  • Advertiser (merchant)
  • Affiliate
  • Customer

Brands can find and contract affiliates fast and streamline the process of working with affiliates and influencers by placing their products on an offer wall. The create products, from electronics, consumer goods, to services, and list them in one place.

By this, without spending a lot of money on advertising, they get to:

  • Promote their products
  • Reach new audience
  • Save on advertising budget

It saves a lot of time for affiliates as well. Affiliates usually have a base of audience they market to. Since they are responsible for promoting products and encouraging people online to buy them, and through a platform such as an offer wall, they can hand-pick from a wide variety of brands and products. Besides wide choice, affiliate marketers get other benefits, such as:

  • Affiliate link creation
  • Excellent support
  • Reports and metrics through in-house dashboards

Lastly, the customer reaps indirect benefits from an Offer Wall. By proper targeting, they are exposed to the products and services that affiliates are promoting to them based on their characteristics and behavior online.

Platforms like Offerwalls provide a communication channel for advertizers and publishers that allows them to quickly achieve their monetization goals – publishers by selling their ad space and advertisers by increasing the sales of their products or services.

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