Post-Install Event

What is Post-Install Event?

Any user action that happens while using the app after it has been installed. Following the download and installation of an app, a user may take additional steps (known as Post-Install Events). There are several different types of post-install events; Logging in, activating the app, registering, viewing usage data like time spent or pages visited, achieving or leveling up, adding products to the basket, and making in-app purchases are common post-installation occurrences. When it comes to social networking apps like Facebook, post-install events include updating your profile or uploading a photo. They may also have things like sharing it with others or joining a group or game. On the other hand, post-install events for news apps like The New York Times or Quartz include reading, commenting on, and sharing content.

App marketers use Post-install events to optimize the performance of their apps. To begin, app marketers must identify which post-install events are the most reliable predictors of future conversions and revenues. This is accomplished by looking at all post-install activities and placing the ones associated with modifications and revenue-generating activities. The next step is to identify and assign a value to each post-installation event that has been proven as a Key performance indicator (KPI). For example, adding an item to a shopping cart or sharing/liking/commenting X times a week has been identified as the post-install events with the greatest likelihood for future revenue, then, like any currency, the app marketing team must assign a value to each of these post-install events.

The revenue generated by these activities will provide this value. The worth of a user who shares three or more articles per week and earns on average $4-$8 per month from subscriptions is, therefore, $6 per month. The next stage for the app marketing team is to assess and optimize the various ad channels to focus ad spending on the most effective ad channels after each significant post-install event has been recognized and assigned a value.

It’s possible to optimize ad spend across various ad channels to generate the most users with the highest lifetime value at the lowest cost per user by tracking how many and, more importantly, which types of users according to post-install events each ad channel delivers by following post-install events. App marketers can use the post-install event as a tool to optimize app-driven marketing based on actual conversion numbers.

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