What is Prelander?

A type of lander that gets displayed before the offer landing page. Prelander is a web page that appears before the offer, service, or product landing page is presented. Prelander is another name for a pre-sell page, which is a page that sits between an advertisement and your buying cart. Mobile devices are the most effective way to reach prelanders; thus, you might want to adopt one if you’re not seeing many mobile user conversions. There are a few things to keep in mind when developing an affiliate prelander to ensure optimum profit. A good prelander will have a clear and concise call to action. This is critical if you want individuals to take advantage of your deals and click through to the checkout page via your affiliate link.

There are numerous ways to make your call to action effective and ensure that the traffic to your prelander stays with you throughout the buying process, all the way to the final checkout page. Your prelander should also appear decent, ensuring your audience likes the way your prelander appears might be just as important as having good content. Daily, we absorb so much data on the internet that our brains can shut down when confronted with content that is too hard to read. The design has a lot to do with a lot of this. There is no need to read anything that doesn’t appear well nor has an unusual color scheme. This is great for dating offers since it works. If the stages in your prelander are straightforward and don’t take a long time, you’ll see a rise in traffic interaction.

Though not exclusively, this is where they are most typically utilized when making a dating proposition. Finally, your prelander should be lightning-fast. Even a few extra seconds can have a significant influence on your conversion rate, so be certain that your landing pages load quickly. If you can cut your loading time by a couple of seconds, your conversion rate will likely rise. As an intermediary between your product or service being advertised and someone making a purchase, prelanders can be a significant resource.

Some people don’t need a prelander to persuade them to make a buy, but there are many folks out there that do. A well-formatted and well-optimized prelander can be incredibly helpful in closing a deal. Try trying a few different approaches and ways to find which one works best for you. With our four stages to a successful affiliate prelander, you will get more clicks, conversions and generate more money.

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