Raw Clicks

What is Raw Clicks?

Overall clicks that occurred in an affiliate link. It simply means that any and everyone clicked ad is considered natural traffic. For this reason, clicking on an ad five times from the same IP address in a day will count as five basic clicks on it. On the other hand, a single click is when only one click is done per IP address, per hour, and one unique link.

A single computer makes a single click on your ad, referred to as an individual click. Your unique clicks number will be the same as the number of your clicks if everyone who views your ad does so only once. However, it is not uncommon for consumers to click on advertisements multiple times. You get a consumer for the very first time when they click an affiliate link or a specific banner on your site. Let’s say your ad had 100 clicks, but one person clicked on it ten times. You’d have a total of 100 clicks in this scenario, but you’d have a unique click count because one user clicked more than once. Because only one of these clicks is unique, your total unique clicks will be 91 instead of 100.

A small percentage of people who see an ad click on it; thus, your unique click count will be significantly lower than the number of individual users who have visited the ad. Unique clicks and total clicks give you insight into whether or not your email content picked people’s interest enough to compel them to take action. It’s important to know your audience’s interests and what it takes to convert them using the special Click-through rate. In other words, total click-through rates let you know how well your subscribers interact with your content regularly and retain their interest.

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