Rewarded Video

What is Rewarded Video?

An ad unit that gives users an in-app reward for watching the ad video. When a consumer sees a rewarded video that appears in the app, they receive an in-app prize. Rewarded video is, for example, watching videos in a mobile game in exchange for virtual currency or some other kind of compensation. Publishers, advertisers, and end-users can all gain from rewarded video campaigns. As a result, publishers see an increase in revenue, advertisers see an increase in engagement, and users get a boost in in-app cash. A typical video ad lasts 15-30 seconds; these are non-skip-able and must be opted-in to be seen by mobile users to collect their reward.

Rewarded video ads are interesting, well-liked commercials that reward viewers with different lives, points, or virtual goods in exchange for watching them. They have high average eCPMs and are a desirable format for both marketers and publishers. Rewarded video commercials leave a lasting impression on viewers because they are non-skip-able, enhancing advertisers’ viewership and retention. In addition, the number of post-install actions is frequently expanded. When a user initiates a rewarded video ad in a mobile app, it doesn’t interfere with their overall experience until they’re ready to receive their incentive. Less intrusion frequently benefits the advertiser in the long run, as users tend to trust people who respect their time in an app and participate at a higher level. Other advantages include Lower rates for app users or fewer in-app purchases.

There are more downloads if the program is free as a result of rewarded video advertisements. There is an increased level of audience targeting because the user decides to watch an ad — they are likely interested in the ad. To obtain their reward, users must protect the advertisement through to the finish. Advertisers stand to gain financially as a result of this rule. It’s possible to utilize in-app video advertising to generate income and entice users of your free software to pay for the ad-free paid edition.

There will be no additional development costs or new features, only a free edition with advertisements and a paid version without ads. Rewarded video advertising provides your app’s users the chance to watch a video in exchange for in-app prizes. App users may be more inclined to engage with rewarded video advertising if you show them at the correct time, such as helping them unlock features or advance to the next level, and continue using your app as a result.

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