RON (Run of Network)

What is RON (Run of Network)?

A campaign type you go for when your goal is to target all the websites from a network. RON traffic (run on a network) refers to acquiring web traffic from a provider without specifying a destination. Buying traffic from all of the Network’s sources implies that the advertiser is getting as much as possible for his money. The advertiser accepts traffic from all of the publishers on the web, regardless of the vertical from which they are coming.

No one can predict where an ad will appear on the page because it appears at random throughout the entire website. Run-of-Network advertising is less expensive than other methods. Still, it also seems to be less effective because it reaches a larger audience that may not be interested in the subject matter. Advertisers have relatively little say in where their adverts appear when using run of network ads. RON ads frequently appear in less attractive ad positions, such as below the fold, and the content within them may not always correspond to the advertiser’s desired audience. This, on the other hand, can lead to substantially lower CPMs than targeted advertising. Because the advertising is less targeted, the advertiser will have a bigger audience.

When promoting a product that appeals to a broad audience or when looking to boost a brand’s visibility, advertisers frequently choose traditional forms of network advertising. Run of Network has both advantages and disadvantages. The benefits are their line item creation is simplified. Because it’s simpler, it takes less effort and time to do. Unfilled or unsold ad inventory can be monetized using this technique.

Some of the disadvantages of RON include Optimization that isn’t granular (can’t distinguish Optimization of inventory not performing evenly from other optimizations), especially in the case of managed demand, which tends to lead to unfair competition. You don’t have control over delivery as a publisher (e.g., frequency cap, impression cap, day & time, creative rotation). If filling unsold inventory with RON results in decreased RPMs, this is a bad thing.

Price is by far the most significant advantage of a Run-of-Network campaign or ad placement over traditional media. It costs less because you don’t have to pick specific sites and because the Network can place it in front of virtually any accessible traffic. Similarly, a Run-of-Network campaign’s biggest disadvantage is its primary advantage, viewed from a different angle.

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