S2S Tracking

What is S2S Tracking?

A unique identification is generated and stored when a user clicks on a tracking link or generates an ad impression when server-to-server tracking is used on the web. With each conversion (or other trackable action), the user’s unique ID is associated with that conversion. This is accomplished by sending the tracking server the same unique identity. Server to server conversion helps you know exactly when and where the conversion was produced. This helps to make the optimization process quick and straightforward compared with other marketing firms.

There are several methods an advertiser can save the transaction ID. One of the most widely utilized approaches is creating a cookie and storing it in the browser on the landing page. This strategy, however, has significant downsides since the digital world is progressing slowly to a world without cookies. The Transaction ID is also logged as a hidden variable. The third way is to use the URL parameter for the transaction ID until the conversion is completed.

This approach depends entirely on the advertiser’s CRM technologies. S2S Tracking is a little different for your website/CRM workflow or in-app events. Various steps need to be followed for setting up S2S tracking. A unique user ID will be returned to your campaign with every hit given to determine who made the conversion. This is called a click-id. This is unique in advertising printing and is assigned to a user when you serve your ad.

The clicker allows links to a particular impression and the advertiser, advertisement, website, and campaign that the user arrived through and when the ad was displayed. Once you have added the click id, the traffic from ad campaigns on your website will be clicked in the URL. This is where some technical assistance is needed. It would be best if you stored your new click-id among other previously monitored URL parameters. The click-id has to link the conversion to your back-end system and the CRM platform. The final step is conversion events. This is a straightforward procedure, and the user can do this without technical help.

You have to go to the interface conversion tab and click on it to add conversions. You will have to select the event-based conversion for this kind. You need to ensure that the name exactly matches the Postback URL. When you have completed the rest of the forms with the essential information for the particular conversion of your choice, click on to save. S2S tracking has various benefits like Security, accuracy, delayed reporting, and mobile monitoring.

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