Search Monetization

What is Search Monetization?

Search monetization implies assembling different technologies and tools that convert traffic into a profit. 

In affiliate marketing, the main goal is to make revenue from a digital asset.

The best way to make it is to monetize traffic through search monetization. 

Search monetization platforms monetize search results on websites, mobile apps, web browser extensions, or desktop applications. 

There are two ways how traffic can be monetized through search. First, search monetization software can redirect search inquiries from digital assets to search feeds of search providers such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., as well as affiliate shops. When a product has the option to change a default search engine to some of the providers mentioned, it means that every search potentially redirects them to a particular advertiser. 

The second option is to use search tools to integrate a search box directly to a business’ website, mobile app, or web extension. When a user types in some specific term in their search box, among organic search, it will display ads – when someone clicks on it, publishers make money. 

Search monetization is a great way to make revenue, but, as we mentioned, for search monetization, publishers must be able to redirect search inquiries to search feeds and integrate a search box directly into their digital assets.

With the right platform, the publisher can track RPM (revenue per mile) and rate the accumulated revenue from the number of ad impressions. In that process, search monetization platforms will provide publisher search feeds for digital assets to preserve a high-grade user experience.

Deep data analysis allows platforms to use their technology to automatically route users to get the best RPMs and Traffic Quality.

The optimization process plays a vital role in the process. Based on the optimization process, the system will know what to serve at what hour of the day and to whom.

When it comes to choosing the right platform to monetize traffic, the advice is to avoid re-brokering. Always try to find the platform that will provide direct feeds, bringing the highest payouts for each source from each country. Intermediaries will take part of publishers’ revenue, and they will not be able to get the actual profit their product generates.

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