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What is Search to Search?

Search to search refers to buying search traffic from search feed providers such as Bing, Google, or Yahoo, which will be sent to search page results.

It is a media buying process where ads from search engines redirect users to the search page with search results displayed along with organic and ads searches.

The flow for search to search consists of buying cheap clicks for various keywords and then redirecting users from one landing page to another search result page with ads served on the top of the page and organic search below. The goal is to encourage the user to click on displayed ads, and the advertisers get paid when the user clicks on the ads listed above in search results.

Basically, search engines like Google allow the small partners to buy the low-cost clicks so that the users they get could be “forced” to click on the more expensive search ads displayed on the search result listed at the top of the search page.

Big search engines haw the business logic that it is not in their interest to show the users cheap ads and then serve them high-cost ads on the following search page result. For example, Google allows trusted partners to buy their cheap clicks for a given reason.

When starting the campaign for search to search first, the research of the keywords needs to be done with the help of adequate tools and techniques to find the list of the most searched terms with their average cost per click (CPC). This is important because the advertiser should know how much they would have to pay a search engine for the specific keyword.

When the research is done, it is time to create a campaign, using a particular advertising tool to write an accompanying text for the ads for a specific keyword.

The point is to spend as little money as possible while placing ads, so advertisers go for the offers with the best arrangements.

The next step is to show the ad to the user when searching for a particular keyword. The click will redirect the user to the page with search results of the specific search feed

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