SMS Billing Flow

What is SMS Billing Flow?

SMS Billing Flow is when users need to give their phone number to subscribe to something (usually used for connecting to Wi-Fi). SMS billing flow is a common process through which a customer is verified. The mobile phone SMS capability is used to verify the customer’s authenticity before a payment. The customer should then send or receive SMS to confirm payment authentication accordingly. There are various SMS billing flows – MO SMS is when a customer should submit the SMS keyword on his phone, while MT SMS is when a customer should receive SMS on his phone. In Handshake MT customer shall answer the sent SMS and in SMS. MSISDN Customer mobile number should be used.

SMS Billing Flow accepts all kinds of links, whether through Wi-Fi or mobile data. The user accesses the landing page that requires him to provide his mobile number. Companies often establish SMS billing three-way: text orders, SMS invoices, or payment connections. SMS billing with text commands means sending a text message with a special phrase to your customer when payment is ready. The customer answers with the keyword to send the amount. This allows clients to set up a card in advance and prompts a charge for their texts every time the payment is due. At the same time, An SMS invoice is a more typical payment method.

You add an invoice to your SMS message (an image in an MMS message or a PDF). Then you have a URL where you may complete paying online. Customers generally value their invoices immediately in their text history as they are more accessible than scouring their crowded email inbox. There are various steps through which SMS billing can be done. One step is easy billing for the customer which includes the customer’s invoice and a payment link in the same message, and you can provide all necessary information in one message.

This reduces extended chats with many inquiries. Similarly, payment reminder SMS is also an important step that helps smooth SMS billing. Mobile payment solutions have witnessed considerable growth in recent years, and there is an excellent reason for this. Customers desire to handle from their phones all their most important jobs. This development means it is important for companies to start making payments for services available inside one text message.

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