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What is Social to Search?

Social to search is the type of ad format in affiliate marketing that is served on social traffic.

Social to search includes the process of a user clicking on an ad placed on social media platforms, and it will redirect a user to a search page result of providers such as Bing, Yahoo, Google, or other browsers, with the term already placed in the search box and searched.

This type of campaign is very similar to native to search ad formats since social media advertising is considered a native platform.

It emphasizes the linked process of getting the search feed from a credible feed provider via a search feed link that will be added to the social campaigns on social media platforms, such as Facebook. When a user clicks on these ads, which will display a search page with given results, it means that the feed provider and dealer will make an income, and the user will be sent to the advertiser page.

Advertisers usually use a direct link, indicating that the landing page will not be served to the user or any other intermediary information.

The main goal is to bid and test specific popular keywords and that someone else is bidding on search feed providers like Bing or Yahoo.

Social to search can be done in two ways: One-click flow means the user will be sent directly to the search page result with the bidding keyword.

If a user gets redirected to an intermediary page result, also known as prelander, the user will find a related search page, which leads to another search page result.

When creating a social to search campaign, the very beginning of the process is to start with keyword research with adequate tools in order to find out the specific keywords that are the most popular and then to see what is the average cost per click (CPC) bid.

Creating the campaign on social media platforms can start when a proper term is found.

Once we determine which keywords we want to use, we start creating campaigns on the Facebook ads manager. The primary purpose of the campaign is to use traffic or conversions.

When creating a campaign, it is important to set it correctly, which means specific targeting must be done (GEO, devices, OS, browsers, user freshness, etc.). Also, bid strategy is very important in setting proper CPC.

After all the setups are done for the campaign, the only thing left is to prepare headlines, descriptions, and landing page (if needed) and to put in search feed links that lead to the search page.

We can see that the process of creating new campaigns is relatively simple. You will recognize similar patterns if you’ve worked in any online advertising.

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