Split Testing (A/B testing)

What is Split Testing (A/B testing)?

Testing two different versions of something (sales, ads, content, etc.) to understand which one will have a better performance. The ability to see multiple variations of a landing page before committing to one gives you a better understanding of which one will yield the best results for your business. A split test divides internet traffic between two distinct versions of a webpage — the original or baseline (version A) and a variation (version B) — that are distinct from one another in terms of design, content structure, page features, etc. Using a split test to run a campaign lets you see which offer converts better.

The results are then analyzed by the software used to do so. Using A/B testing, a website’s signup forms, registration pages, and calls to action may all be improved. Tests on an online checkout flow, for example, can assist in establishing what elements enhance conversions from one page to the next, leading to greater orders for the website owner. Even seemingly irrational web design decisions can be made objectively through split testing, which uses experimental data to support or undermine a theory regarding which design is the most effective. A testing platform’s ROI (return on investment) is easy to demonstrate because tests are designed with a specific, quantified aim in mind. Split-testing technologies allow for variations targeting certain groups of visitors, offering a more tailored and personalized experience.

Visitors’ web experiences are enhanced by testing, as evidenced by the greater likelihood that they will take a certain action on the site. Split testing practices include elimination, focus on the call to action, aim for the global maximum, provide symmetric and consistent experiences. Split testing is the same as conducting a controlled experiment, and as such, it may be used in a variety of contexts beyond web design. It began with direct mail and print advertising efforts, which used a different phone number for each campaign version to track its results. You can already split-test banner and text advertising, television commercials, email subject lines, and web items on your website.

Split or multivariate testing ensures that decisions aren’t made based on intuition or hunch. Without split testing, firms frequently make adjustments based on so-called ‘best practices or the opinion of the Highest Paid Person (HiPPO). However, conversations may be killed by best practices because they are based on what has worked in the past for others (i.e., they cannot ensure that what has worked elsewhere would work for your company). Even the most well-paid person’s judgment can be skewed, as can anyone else’s.

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