Sub ID tracking

What is Sub ID tracking?

Tracking the performance of the campaigns by analyzing publishers. Campaign performance can be tracked using publisher-level sub-ID search. There is a parameter in every link on the platform of the Company, which lets you know how many people have clicked on it and how many of those visitors have converted into customers. When a website receives a large number of visitors but does not produce any conversions, it is the responsibility of the Media Buyer to remove that source from the purchasing list. Affiliate URLs have alphanumeric characters at the end called Sub IDs. Sub IDs are used to identify affiliates. Those are the only ones who know about them because they’re specific.

It’s easy to track affiliate links because they all share certain characteristics: publisher (or referrer) ID, merchant ID, and product details are all included in this report Campaign. It becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of everything as your site grows in size. You can’t tell what’s working since there are so many moving pieces. For example, you could keep track of click IDs inside a campaign or across several drives. Alternatively, you might be interested in learning how many visitors come from a particular website or how many clicks your homepage receives. They let you know about the behavioral patterns that underlie individual clicks and provide an additional level of segmentation. It’s also useful for spreading the word about the same affiliate link across multiple sources. Any variable can be tracked with sub id tracking.

No matter which of your contextual links (top or bottom) brought in the most conversions or which keyword in your PPC campaign was the most successful, you can keep track of it all with this tool. The SubID tracking feature gives you a detailed look at your campaigns. SubIDs can be used to assess the following elements: Website, Call-to-Action Landing Pages, Keywords, Ads, Sources (organic, PPC or email), User Type, Device Type, and so on. Various problems are also attached with SubID tracking. You can’t speak their language because each affiliate network has its version. When all of this comes together, it’s easy to lose track of where you In contrast to Rakuten, Awin uses ‘click ref,’ which Awin. Employ a third-party application to automate the data entry process at scale rather than manually enter everything to speed up the process.

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