Suppression List

What is Suppression List?

An audience list that advertisers have and share with an ad network to improve ROI and targeting during UA campaigns. Anyone who has chosen not to receive an email campaign from the company is included in this list. Someone must fill out a form on an unsubscribe page to remove themselves from your email list, and their name is then added to a suppression list. The email addresses in this list are real. Only if those email addresses re-opt in via a web form or another method and affirm that they want to receive communications from you again will you be able to send them your emails again.

Suppression lists include unsubscribes, spam complaints, and bounced blocked or invalid addresses. When subscribers opt-out of receiving your emails, their name, and email address should be promptly added to a suppression list. You can tell your email application to cease sending emails for that particular contact with the suppression list. In order to inform the sender that they no longer want to receive emails, the recipient clicks on the unsubscribe group. On the other hand, the sender clicks on the suppression list to stop sending emails to unsubscribed people.

Addresses that mark your mail as spam are likewise included in the suppression list. Sending to people who have complained about your spam is a horrible way to improve your reputation as a sender. It lets Internet service providers know that you send unsolicited emails and don’t pay attention to what your recipients say. Otherwise, your IP address or website can be blacklisted. Email addresses that bounce, are blocked, or are invalid are included in the suppression list along with unsubscribes.

If you keep sending to these addresses, your delivery rates will suffer, as ISPs will assume you don’t care about maintaining a clean contact list and aren’t a reliable sender. In addition to helping you send emails to the correct recipients, suppression lists let you manage how often and what you send to specific individuals. Suppression list in email marketing includes frequency, type of content, and product specification. Suppression lists allow you to cease sending emails to people who no longer want to receive them. They also allow your recipients to customize the frequency and substance of their communications. This keeps your recipients happy and your sending reputation robust.

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