Text Link

What is Text Link?

A link to a web page without an image attached. A text link is also called an anchor text or link label and refers to an HTML hyperlink segment that can be clicked on. A text link may be a character or letter, a word, a phrase, or a few terms used to click on the linked text to redirect to a different page. There are various types of text links. Exact Match is the same term or phrase that wants to rank in the anchor text. Similarly, phrase match is another type.

The anchor text contains the phrase of the keyword that you wish to rank for. Likewise, another type is Partial Match, the anchor text that includes all words in the query but not as a precise sentence. Although anchors commonly link web pages, they also can initiate downloads and link to documents such as PDFs or Google Drive files. That’s why you click on anchors from sites that you trust and hover over the mouse link to make sure the URL looks authentic. Text links can be manipulated in various ways. Link builders or website SEOs that build links to a website frequently control anchor text from links made from other websites.

These anchor texts are targeted – the keywords in the anchor text match the target motto of an SEO page. Similarly, a backlink is a link from a different site. The anchor text for the backlink is the text used by other websites linking to your site. A backlink’s anchor text helps discover the most relevant keywords for which a web page should be ranked. In addition, just like filling a keyword, you might have too much anchor text on a certain page. If too many keywords are found on a page linking to too many other pages of your website or all of them to the same page but with different anchor text, you have an excessive anchor text issue.

Excessive usage of anchor text on your website may result in Google punishment, as it is spam, user-friendly behavior. A spammy anchor text links to an anchor text that has no relation to the website or to which it is attached. Spammy anchor texts are frequent black hat SEO strategies that classify briefly as competitive terms, such as’ payday loans’ or ‘purchase Viagra,’ or can even be utilized as a website injury to the rival or individuals through bad SEO and Google bombing.

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