What is Token?

Token is used to optimize campaigns by tracking specific info in an ad campaign provided by a paid traffic network. Tokens are tracking instruments, also called UTM parameters. It tracks when a user clicks your publicity link. Tracking tokens give users an insight into campaigns and adverts. It is a parameter at the end of the link and ‘reports’ when someone interacts with your publicity link. Tokens increase the chance of email identification and matching. You can utilize the tracking token function to better track emails.

A tracking token is an alphanumeric string created by customer involvement applications and attached to an end of an email subject line. It coincides with email activity with emails. Tracking tokens give an extra correlation component to intelligent matching. If customer engagement applications produce an outbound email action, an email response that reaches the Dynamics 365 apps system is associated with the original activity. Token tracking has four parts: Prefix, Deployment base tracking number, user number digit range, and incremental message counter digit range.

For each organization or environment, the prefix is unique. For example, we propose that each organization configure and utilize a unique prefix in a multi-location deployment of customer involvement apps. The value default is 0. It can be used for a certain environment as an identification. Three (3) digits are the default range. This number defines how many digits can be used when customer involvement apps generate the numerical identifier for the user who has developed the email.

When you use the default to create a token with a three-digit number, it increases to 999 and then restarts the numbers to 000. A bigger order of digits can be used to decrease the risk of assigning duplicate tokens to active email threads. The tracking token is added by sending an email to CRM tracked by the optical add-in, lightweight app, or web interface. The only supported correlation approach is to use Tracking tokens when using Dynamics 365 for Outlook linked to an SMTP server and send emails to a non-Exchange recipient.

In this case, if tracking tokens are not enabled, correlation events such as automatic recording depending on the object in question may not work. Tracking tokens might sometimes confuse emails, and we might have to get rid of them. But the disabling tracking token impairs the precision of email tracking, and Microsoft does not suggest it.

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