Unique Clicks

What is Unique Clicks?

The number of unique users who clicked on the affiliate link/banner (does not refer to the number of clicks from one user, since a user can click on the link an unlimited amount of times). Unique clicks are the exact number of clients (or IP addresses) who click on the ad or the link to the campaign. Regardless of the number of clicks generated from the same IP address, it is only a single click.

The measurement of the single clicks in your first e-mail is significantly larger than the unique clicks in the next newsletters because subscribers are pleased and curious to open the newsletters after they have signed up recently. After three or four mailings, you should expect the measure of average single clicks to stabilize.

In the summer, the unique click rate is generally less than in other seasons. That is why the annual seasonality dynamics have to be analyzed. The special click rate allows you to compare results for e-mail campaigns devoted to various items or services and evaluate subscribers’ reactions and attitudes to different product ranges. The unique clicking rate displays the responses of subscribers to e-mail and content changes. In this situation, you can divide test e-mails into two sections by dividing the mailing list. You may diminish the unique click rate by sending e-mails too often.

Mailing once a week is a good halfway ground for various businesses. The efficient way to increase the remarkable click rate is to publish valuable and relevant newsletters. The unique click rate helps you see your audience more clearly – their interests and what it takes to convert. Unique clicks better measure your e-mail commitment because they are limited to one-click per subscriber.

Unique Clicks are the only method for every campaign to monitor the proportion of your subscribers visiting your Website via the links in your email/s. Enhancing unique clicks means making your e-mail content more reader-focused, more relevant. If your subscriber list is not categorized or controlled, but your overall clicks are a little high, you can cater to just a handful of your subscribers. Making your material relevant to all on your list improves your unique clicks — this, in turn, nearly always increases your overall clicks. Unique clicks can be enhanced by using exciting personalized subject lines, by asking the readers what they want to read.

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