User Acquisition

What is User Acquisition?

A set of techniques used to target technology and the right supply channels to get ROI positive high lifetime value users. User acquisition, or UA in short, is how new users or customers are purchased via marketing-driven activities for a mobile app business. The addition of users is a tactic used for attracting new users to an app or service. This procedure includes a set of different approaches, technology, and systems. The goal is to get a positive ROI.

The three main reasons for introducing a user acquisition strategy are growth, app store boosting, and the decline of organic installs. Simply put, growth is about half the core of each mobile company, as they all rely on new users and maximize value to succeed. In the freemium-dominated app sector, where most apps can be downloaded and used free of charge, it’s necessary to raise the application scale to boost the five percent of users that contribute to your in-app purchase income. The given number is particularly significant given that many customers who buy an app either quit using it shortly or remove it completely. Thus, while retargeting and re-engagement tactics play a major role in keeping users, a robust user acquisition strategy will initially keep users flowing new, high quality.

User Acquisition is also crucial for the recent fall in organic installations in the mobile ecosystem. With the ever-increasing amount of apps globally (3.8 million in Google Play and two million in the Apple App Store since 2018), it has become increasingly tough to run organic installations. As a marketer, the acquisition by users fills the holes left by the diminished organic activity – nowadays, you have to spend money to generate money because of strong competition. You can accomplish so by depending on statistics to guarantee that your investment is valuable.

A good user acquisition strategy boosts your rankings in-app store because the number of installs is one component in store algorithms (in recent years, its weight has reduced in favor of more quality-driven metrics like ratings, reviews, uninstalls, and engagement). As organic users become increasingly difficult to gain through app stores, installing volume — notably driven by non-organic installations controlled by advertisers and their budgets — is still useful in enhancing app ratings. As a result, there is a wider chance of improving the number of organic installs and ultimately attracting more quality organic users to ensure that your software is lucrative.

In brief, a well-planned and implemented user acquisition strategy will lead to increased revenues from the offerings of your firm and is important to success.

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