User Ad Revenue

What is User Ad Revenue?

Revenue generated by users from viewing in-app ads. User ad revenue is the rate of revenue and efficiency a developer uses in an ad. This means measuring how much revenue the monetization approach generates for the app. It gives developers a user-level granular overview of how much revenue their ad monetization approach generates. User ad revenue also gives developers a clear view of the effectiveness of their marketing expenditures.

Ad revenue for mobile app publishers are more essential, thanks in part to video ads, the increase of app tenders, and the large surge in e-commerce expenditure through pandemics. But ad revenue accounting – and recognizing where your ad whales come from – is one of the key problems for growing developers, publishers, and everyone who focuses on mobile marketing. When it comes to measuring ad revenue, marketers have hitherto been restricted to tracking performance in aggregate form on the dashboard/API—how much revenue a tracker, network, or creative level earned over a specific period. As a mediation platform, ironSource mediates between the user and channels bidding for each ad with varying values. This function as an intermediary offers the organization a unique opportunity to gather vital, granular information about how consumers use different advertising, ad locations, and ad products, which indicates how much income a certain commitment generates.

When this information is combined with Adjust user acquisition data, you will have a complete picture of user values like never before. With user-level Ad Revenue, marketers can "retrieve their prized users with confidence, invest in new campaigns, evaluate user journeys and promote their other apps." Knowing this granular level "ensures that marketers can spend on advertising campaigns that yield a positive return on investment… to optimize and to provide the best experience to most people."

These new user behavioral data can help your UA team ‘set bidding strategy decisions and operate based on this comprehensive user-level measurement.’ Then your UA team can "take action using automatic bid optimizers to achieve these ad spending objectives." This can positively influence your team at an operational level. It frees up time formerly invested in manual bidding when you think about how ad revenues are made for every user who enters the app and advertises, whether banners, rewarded videos, video interviews, labels, or off-walls.

Whatever the user is involved, behind the scenes, there is a platform that maximizes revenue for that particular impression. Performance was historically disclosed, but only aggregately, via dashboards and APIs when it comes to ad revenue. You may only know how much income was made for certain disruptions one day without providing you any idea of what particular users generated those incomes, how much each user contributed to it, and from which channels those users came.

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