User Freshness

What is User Freshness?

User freshness represents the time since the user opted to get push notifications. It is one of the strongest user targeting functionalities that ensures advertisers can optimize their campaigns created through advertising networks or DSPs.

Based on user freshness, advertisers make targeting decisions in order to optimize their campaign revenue.

On Coinis advertising platform, users are split into the following categories:

0-1 hour users

0-3 days users

3-10 days users

How to decide what to target as an advertiser?

To start earning as an advertiser, you need to set up a campaign on an advertisement network. later, the ads will be shown to the users based on their data – location, operating systems and devices they use, days or hours from the moment of user subscription – user freshness, etc. This data is valuable for campaign optimization, regardless of the type of offer that advertisers are running.

For advertisers that are running offers with a more complicated flow and need a fresher user, it is highly advisable to target fresher user groups. Sometimes, it is difficult to determine which user freshness to use. The best thing here is to do the test and see how different user groups behave.

So, if you’re an advertiser and want to run one campaign for one product, you should make three different campaigns to see which user group will fit your product the best.

This way, you will see and understand which of these work best for your product and which CPC suits you.

Based on the results you get after a couple of days or a week, you can put your campaign money into the one with the best performance and modify the others to bring you the optimal revenue.

Note: Have in mind that recommended CPCs are changing depending on the user freshness group you choose.

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