Affiliate World Global Dubai 2022 Recap

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Written by Neda Mijovic

Affiliate World Global Dubai 2022 Recap

If you are from the affiliate world, you must have heard of the Affiliate World Global 2022 in Dubai, the biggest offline event for affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs. This year’s edition happened over a week ago. Also, if you follow us on social media, you have seen the news that we are going there! 

Can’t believe it’s been more than a week since we returned from Dubai! We came back with a bunch of good energy and fresh ideas which are keeping us going through our busy post-conference days. Ok, coffee helps a lot as well.

We were thrilled to meet up with some of our partners in person, talk business, and stay up to date with current industry developments. We more-or-less knew what to expect, since it was our 6th consecutive appearance at Affiliate World Conferences, but one thing surprised us – limitless enthusiasm of literally everyone we met. You could sense the good vibes everywhere!

Guess we all missed conferences. 🙂

The team! <3

Few Facts About Affiliate World Global

Affiliate World Global 2022 took place in the heart of Dubai, perhaps the best city in the United Arab Emirates and one of the most interesting and extravagant urban communities on the planet. The city is known for its innovative development and openness, making it ideal for the people from the affiliate industry.

With health regulations being a concern, it’s important to note that the UAE is now ranked first in Bloomberg’s Covid Resilience ranking. Dubai also has the world’s highest immunization rate, making it one of the safest venues to hold a conference this year.

A short reminder about the event itself: Affiliate World Global is a two-day conference that took place in Dubai World Trade Centre from 28 February to 1 March 2022. This is the world’s largest offline gathering of affiliate marketers and e-commerce entrepreneurs. Future influencers, specialists, and apprentices had the brilliant opportunity to absorb mastermind-level content on stage, where experts displayed unused bits of knowledge and data-driven strategies from a few masterminds of the affiliate world. Leading Affiliate Marketers, Digital Marketers, SEO/SMO, Bloggers, and numerous critical and polarizing figures from around the world were gathered under one roof. How cool is that?

Mean Girls GIF - Mean Girls Ikr GIFs

The Biggest Affiliate Conference, In Numbers

The world-class exhibition market had over 200 companies represented, making it the social core of the conference. Over 6,000 people attended this global event, over 200 booths, with over 45 speakers taking the stage to interact and work with professionals from over 110 countries. More than 110 advertisers and 35 traffic sources, as well as more than 150 affiliate networks, supported the event. Everything was very well organized, which I must confess, is difficult when there are so many people there.

Just imagine the industry leaders who were catching up, striking deals, and creating relationships amid the rush and bustle of the market. Inspiring!

If you’ve read our previous blog post – Get Ready for Affiliate World Global 2022 with Coinis, you know that our team was fully prepared. I mean, you could sense the excitement before we even entered the plane.

In Dubai, it was like that, multiplied by 1000!

The Official Part of AWG

The first day at the conference was a blast! We were so happy to meet some of our partners, make new ones, and exchange knowledge with thousands of top affiliate marketers. As my team stood at our booth, overloaded with visits, my first impression of the event was how enthusiastic everyone seemed. The great energy, music, and atmosphere made us feel at ease – we weren’t the only ones excited to be there!

The conference’s second day was a whirlwind of activity and insights. With a lot of meaningful conversations and networking activities, the day flew in a blink of an eye. The experience that we gained on both days of the conference was priceless.

Fresh and ready to take on the conference

If we’d say that Affiliate World Global was a once-in-lifetime If we’d say that Affiliate World Global was a once-in-lifetime experience, we would not be exaggerating. I hope you didn’t think it was only because of work. 😉

Networking for Affiliate Marketers 101

Because our schedules were so jam-packed, we managed to persuade ourselves that sleep was not really important. The time was flying so fast, so we tried not to waste a second.

Finishing the exhausting day with a beautiful view of the Dubai Marina Skyline, toasting to the amazing experience and successful first day, and being surrounded by colleagues, friends, and partners was just what we needed… And of course, the organizers predicted that. 

After a busy first day, we’ve moved to the first official networking event of the conference – the Sundown Sessions party. Surf Club in Dubai perched atop The Jumeirah Palm and overlooking Ain Dubai, the world’s largest Ferris Wheel provided the ideal combination of business and pleasure. Being big hedonists, we enjoyed it all! Like everybody else, we came for drinks and catching up with old friends. We left tipsy and with a bunch of new ones.

Networking with a view!

The unofficial part of the Conference’s second day was just as exciting as the first one. After so many meetings and business dThe unofficial part of the Conference’s second day was just as exciting as the first one. After so many meetings and business discussions, and energy levels slowly dropping, we moved to Bla Bla Dubai, a trendy beach bar, for a closing party. We were going to end the Conference on a high note! It was a memorable closing night for sure.

Classy, we know 😎

All in all, we had a couple of fantastic social events to remember during these days in Dubai!

Post-AWG Thrill: It’s All About Discovering Dubai

Have you ever imagined leaping out of a plane at 120 mph over a palm-shaped island? Skydiving in Dubai is only for the courageous. And by courageous, we mean Katarina and Nikola 😀 These photos are worth a thousand words, so I’ll just leave you to sink them in for a minute.

Kudos for bravery
Here as well!

Incredible, I know. Let’s move on to some of the less exciting but equally impressive things we did. For example world’s tallest building.
What can I say about Burj Khalifa that you already don’t know? The 828 meters high global symbol, for starters. We were stunned and felt like poppy seeds in front of it. Our photographer thought we were more important than the building, though.

We couldn’t even fit the whole building into the photo 🙂

Did you know that the world’s biggest natural flower garden is in Dubai? Dubai Miracle Garden, with more than 150 million blooms arranged in various beautiful arches and designs. Seriously, I have no words to explain how beautiful that floral paradise is.

Since the team and I are huge animal lovers, we were stunned by Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. In a 10 million liter tank, around 400 sharks and rays, including Sand Tiger Sharks, Giant Groupers, and various other marine creatures, reside. We made eye contact with some aquatic residents (read BIG sharks), and those “meetings” were unforgettable! Scary and funny at the same time!

Basically, us

AWG22 In A Nutshell

To recap these wonderful few days in Dubai: it was an incredible experience that inspired not only me, but the entire team to create some amazing things in the future. I’m grateful for the new friendships and contacts I’ve made, and the opportunity to bond with my colleagues. I notice the same in others – we’re all proud of the progress we’ve made as a team.

Post-conference Follow-Ups (And What’s Next)

If you’re anything like us, you’ve made many contacts and can see some partnerships unraveling in the future. Well, congratulations! After you return from the conference, it is important to follow up on your new leads. Express your gratitude for meeting them, remind them of the topics you covered during the conference and propose the next steps. The first two weeks are the key here – this is your time to establish a connection and start building trust with your new partners. We are currently in this process, and we are enjoying it (almost) as much as the conference itself!

Yes, everything went REALLY well and all that here’s one downside to this all, though: the bar for the next conferences is set REAAALY HIGH! So we already started preparing for the one in Barcelona!

Hope to see you there in July!

Neda Mijovic

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