Get Ready for Affiliate World Global 2022 with Coinis

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Written by Neda Mijovic

Get Ready for Affiliate World Global 2022 with Coinis

The biggest Affiliate Conference in the World – Affiliate World Global is getting close, and we’re ecstatic about it!

This is the first offline affiliate event of this size since the beginning of the pandemic that will be held from February 28 to March 1, 2022, in Dubai. 

We’ll be there, and we are packing our seasoned team members, awesome ad formats, and updates about our products tailored to the needs of the affiliates.

After Barcelona and Bangkok, of course, we will be there, and this year we’re going bigger! Find us by the Booth C51, among 200+ advertisers, traffic sources, and networks.

Coinis at Affiliate World Europe, back in 2018

Known as the AWG among affiliates, this conference gathers the world’s biggest experts in the industry for a 2-day exchange of industry knowledge, secrets, and predictions. Thousands of participants – attendees, keynote speakers, affiliates from all over the world will share the same stage in Dubai, one of the most unique cities in the world.

The event itself is enormous, and it is creating a bit of anxiety for all of us overachievers that want to make the most of it. Luckily, we are people who spend a lot of time conferencing, and we have some tried and true tips on how to make the most out of your Affiliate World Global 2022!

First Things First – Tie Loose Ends

It’s important to finish your tasks and leave projects in good hands so that you can go away clear-minded. Whatever can wait until you return, it is not a topic to burden your head while you are at the conference. We are sure that you have teammates at home to rely on, so you can be fully present at the conference.

Plan How To Get There and Where to Stay

Planning trips in times of global pandemic can be stressful, but on the bright side, Dubai is one of the world’s greatest transportation hubs, which means that you can expect fewer headaches compared to traveling to some other places.

If you have a ticket to AWG, you will most probably be able to travel to Dubai without a visa, or with a visa issued for free on arrival. If you still don’t, hurry up and get a ticket while they’re still available!

In case after all you do need a visa, the organizers will send you an invitation letter to confirm your attendance at Affiliate World Global.

The accommodation is easy to find – many hotels get deals with the conference and provide exclusive deals for visitors of the conference. The good thing about hotels in Dubai is that they are well-connected to the venue, so you won’t have trouble getting around.

However, as our experience shows, the less time you spend on transportation, the better, so a hotel close to the venue would be an ideal option. You’re still on time to find an excellent deal, and there are a lot of websites like this one that can help you.

Get To Know The Event and Attendees

Most used #hashtags on social networks when it comes to the conference are #affiliateworld #AWD and you can take advantage of them to see who else is attending, and what are the hot topics. 


Following the keywords can help you with networking and getting to know the key conference attendees and the people you want to build relationships with.

Explore the official website to get familiar with the list of exhibitors, go through social media to see the most trending posts, and do not forget to check out if there are any LinkedIn groups connected to the event.

As the conference is getting closer, the official event app will be available, so make sure to subscribe to the announcements on AWG social networks and download it once it’s ready. That way you can directly message attendees and exhibitors and book meetings before the show even begins. Here are the links for the Android and iOS versions.

These are great ways to familiarize yourself with the attendees and the topics that are popular, so you can easily engage in conversations when the time comes.

Have A Game Plan

While you cannot plan every second of the conference, you can make the most of it by creating a plan. List out the people you want to meet, sessions you would like to attend, and set measurable goals – whether that is getting X new sales or getting new business ideas. 

The conference program itself is full of activities, so your days will be full from dusk till dawn. And I’m not exaggerating. You’ll sleep when you return home. After the official part of the conference, get ready for cocktails, parties by the beach, and a lot of unofficial networking! Extroverted ones among you will likely enjoy this, but if you are an introvert, this is a great opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and dive into the world of mingling and getting to know people from all over the world.

Not during the conference, though.

All the information about the topics and the speakers are available on the AWG website.

Work on Your Online Presence

Make sure your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media profiles look professional and up to date with the information that will bring leads and connections. Adjust your activities to your professional advantage. We usually write a post about attending the conference (like this one 😁 ), engage with our target audience by posting regularly, and share our impressions after the sessions.

Before even setting your feet on the conference’s ground, get ready for a spike in your profile views on social networks!

Another great way to get attention is to plan writing roundups of the conference, day by day, and share them on social media. Besides the engagement you’ll get in your posts, in the end, you will have enough material for a blog post about your impressions from the conference.

Pack for Comfort but Also Dress to Impress

So, you have taken care of your social networks, well done! 

Although you have almost a month until the trip, you can start thinking about your offline presence at the conference as well. It will matter, trust us! 

Pro tip: Make sure to strike a balance between looking good and feeling comfortable. Dressing well will make you feel good and help you make a great first impression, but expect that the days at the conference will last (and feel) very long, so your clothing should make it easier for you to endure them. Whether you plan to sit for long periods of time or walk from booth to booth, think about what looks and feels good for the occasion.

Bonus tips: Expect pleasant 25° C, which means you can ditch those heavy winter jackets. And yes, pack one or two glamorous outfits, just in case!

Don’t Forget a Follow-up Plan

When Preparing for Affiliate World Global, it is exceptionally important to follow up with the people you meet at the conferences, and this one is no different. Such a big event as Affiliate World Global requires good follow-up planning, and timing is of the essence here. Dedicate a week after the conference to get in touch with the contacts you met there. Send out emails or connect on LinkedIn with a note that reminds them of you and includes the topics you were talking about. By doing this in a timely manner, you will reinforce the connections you have established in person and make sure that the people you meet don’t forget you.

Lastly, we like to remind ourselves why we love going to the AWG.

Going to AWG 2022 with a goal

We are looking forward to this conference both because we miss connecting with people offline and getting first-hand industry knowledge. And we have GRAND plans for expanding our network and creating some awesome partnerships.

All these years we were really happy with the results of the Affiliate World conferences and the valuable insights we gained so our expectations are through the roof for this one!

Discover the Beauty of Dubai

Yes, we all go to the conference to do business and that is our main focus. But that doesn’t mean that you should ONLY be working. All work and no play… You get it.

While you are in a city such as Dubai, it would be a pity not to make the best use of your free time. You could plan to stay an extra day in order to unwind after the conference and explore the city. You definitely don’t want to miss seeing Burj Khalifa, Dubai Miracle Garden, or experiencing the thrill of desert safari. Exciting, we know! Go through travel blogs for recommendations about the things you shouldn’t miss, and go after them! We already made our list!

Exploring Bangkok back in 2019.

So, we’ve covered the basics. If this is your first conference, there are a lot of tips online that can help you prepare, just make sure you have a plan on time and that you stick to it.

Want to meet with us while we’re there? Great! Click on the button below so we can set up a meet. See you soon!

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