AWE Barcelona 2022: The Ultimate Guide

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Written by Tamara Jelic

AWE Barcelona 2022: The Ultimate Guide

After finishing up Dubai, it is time to conquer another huge affiliate event in Barcelona! The last time we were in AWE Barcelona was a blast, and after COVID-19, everyone was more than excited to be networking and returning to normal. Unfortunately, the last time the event was supposed to happen, another lockdown came, so people are pretty hyped about what this conference would bring.


What to See at AWE?

Besides networking, meeting up with partners, and finding new business opportunities, you will have the privilege of listening to many experts in the affiliate industry. Representative of famous worldwide companies such as Google, CJ, Impact, and many many more (you may find a list here).

Stay up to date with everything by using the official AWE App available for both Android and iOS users. Over 4000 attendees and 200 exhibitors from more than 100 countries! You can also directly message people on the app and arrange meetings. There is also a newsfeed – You can post your interests, call for action, and find your next potential partner.

Check-out fast registration, and don’t wait in lines. There is a QR code within the app, and you can collect your badge between 2 pm and 8 pm on 5 July (Tuesday).

Regularities and Bureaucracy

We are not fans of bureaucracy, but you have to do what you have to do. To enter Spain, there are some things you need to do/check.

To sum up, You will need an EU Digital COVID certificate or a legal document equivalent to the certificate, for example, a PCR test, a negative certificate of an active infection diagnostic test, or a recovery certificate.

There is this health control form which can be found on the website as well, and you should fill it up as well. When traveling (airplane or public transport), make sure you don’t forget your mask.

New info: There are currently ongoing strikes with airline companies, including Ryanair, British Airways, and EasyJet, so you should consider coming at least one day before the conference since the strikes are announced for June and July. Stay updated with the news and see if any changes need to be made if you choose one of these companies to fly with.

Travel insurance – don’t forget travel insurance. We sincerely hope you will not need it, but this is for your safety. Also, if you lose some funds because you need to change your flight, this could help. Check what your travel insurance covers. Not sure if you need a visa? Here, you can check out the visa requirements.

AWE Europe – Where to Book a Hotel

Don’t worry; you are not late to find a place to stay during AWE. Unfortunately, the closest hotels are mostly booked, but there are many close enough for you to explore Barca and do some business. The airport is just 15 minutes from the city, and you will need approximately 25 minutes to the city center by taking the train. Also, exchange money if you don’t use euros or pay by card, “Puedo Pagar con Tarjeta?” 😆.

Affiliate World Europe Barcelona has some recommendations for the closest hotels; you can see their list here. If there is no available option, do not run away from Airbnb or Booking.

Where to Find Coinis on AWE Barcelona

You may find the market floor within the official App, and by using the digital map, you can effortlessly search and identify exhibitors. But don’t worry, you won’t get lost without the map.

You can find us at booth C14, where our friendly team will greet you and explain more about what we work with and how we can help you grow! We would love to talk about affiliate programs, general search monetization, and DSP Platforms. What is your favorite to go to? We would love it if you tested our platform! We offer a 15% sign-up bonus on sight – so make sure you hop by.

You may as well book a meeting with us here. Let’s prepare in advance, so try to book your time and brief us about your activities.

Should I Go to Events and Network?

Getting to the point – YES. Many are wondering if it is worth it to go to the parties after the conferences. Wonder no more since these parties are a perfect time to do some informal talks with your potential partners and possibly initiate some ideas for cooperation.

The official Affiliate After Hours event is a great option to have fun and see all the participants once again in a less formal environment. Please book your place in advance or get on the waiting list by contacting their team directly. The event will take place at GO Beach Club in Barcelona, and the door opens at 7:30. Don’t come too early since you want to rest a bit after the conference, right?

Besides the main event, some “smaller” events are organized by other affiliates, so make sure you search for the #awe2022 or #awe22 tag and check your email; you might have an invitation somewhere. Telegram groups are also a great place to look for some of these events. You will not have much sleep these days, but it will pay off. Don’t worry.

Busses and transportation. If you are unfamiliar with the traffic, don’t worry. They have a perfectly organized system here. Check out the schedule for all lines. There is also the metro, of course. If you are not OK with public transport, you can call an Uber or use Taxis (yes, they are black and yellow).

To all the foodies out there – please don’t go to Barcelona without enjoying all the delicious food there! According to TripAdvisor, these are some great restaurants you can check out.


If this is your first conference, do not panic. It is a bit overwhelming but in a good way. Although may seem like an expense at this point, it will bring you so much more value. Meeting with partners in person is one of the most valuable things you can do to scale your business.

Speaking of creating value – we would love to meet with you if you come to Barcelona so make sure you stop by our booth.

Also, if you would love to read about our previous experiences – check out how it was for us in Dubai.

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