Bunch of Traffic, but No Conversions? Sounds Familiar?

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Written by Tamara Jelic

Bunch of Traffic, but No Conversions? Sounds Familiar?

Are you seeing traffic, but you no results? Let’s help with that πŸ’‘

…and let me guess, you’ve optimized the sh** out of your campaign but you still can’t figure out what is wrong? Step one is to know that you haven’t checked all the possible options, FOR SURE. You are seeing traffic, but you aren’t seeing results right? No conversions – 0.

So, as mentioned, there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration before giving up on this campaign you started.

Traffic Quality – What Are You Buying? πŸ€”

Check if your traffic is BOT traffic, because, trust us on this one, this might be the main issue. This does NOT go well with conversions, for obvious reasons. And now you are wondering, how to tell if that traffic is BOT traffic?

There are several ways, of course, you may check your sources and look through forums and experiences of people who have previously purchased traffic with the platform you want to work with, there’s that. And you can actually test the traffic and monitor your results in the first 24 hours.

Open your Google Analytics and check out Source Categorization. For example, you buy 10k views and you see that all those views came from, for example, Bangladesh, you can be pretty sure that it is BOT traffic. Not just this, you may be tricked about US traffic as well, for example, if all your traffic is coming from Georgia, there is a serious chance that there is a list of rotating proxies that are used from somewhere else.


What you should do to check this out: look into the IP addresses and the GEO information of the users who are visiting your website.

Browsing Behaviour & Site Engagement

When you think of BOTs – you think about the bare minimum, and the key indicator here is the Bounce Rate which you can inspect in your analytics. The higher the bounce rate the better the chance your traffic is not so good.

Bots do not interact with any kind of scripts, or they have them disabled, and real people do interact with them. What you can do about this? Try delayed pop-overs for the test period, if nothing happens – there you have it.

Offers and Landing Pages 🎨

Your offer should have a solid flow. What does that mean? Poorly coded offers are a thing, so if it is paused or something similar it won’t get any conversions. Check if the links are broken, if the servers are fine, but don’t let the 404 visit your potential money maker.

Slow landing pages are also going to destroy your campaign. If it takes more than 3 seconds in Tier 1 countries – say goodbye to your little friend. Also, pay attention to your conversion pixel – double check if the pixel is inserted correctly.

The creatives you will be using need to capture attention, you are ”disturbing” the person’s browsing experience, you need to capture their attention. And this is more of a How To Optimize Your Campaign kind of topic, so go check that one out.

The Real Deal

If you are buying a lot of traffic and clicks and there are no conversions – it’s a 100% traffic problem. So, this is a sign that you need to take a closer look at it. And as menitoned sometime earlier, all the traffic sources are competitive places and people are usually going after the same traffic.

And what happens if you are a newbie – you get the traffic no one wants – avoid it. What you should go for, are the leftovers from the big guys. Since no one wants it, the networks will happily sell it for you for a minimum bid.

And What is That? What issss That??

Identify placements with too high BOT traffic percentage, and block ’em. Have your fellow developer generate a bot detection script and block anything that has more than 75% of bots. Once you block the traffic which is sh***y, focus on optimization.

Your creatives need to be placed in the right spot. So here you have to test a few examples and cut those that are not performing well. Errors in code, as said previously, are not tolerated. Remember, you are getting billed for impressions, so use it wisely. If your CTR and landing page CTRs are low – there is a problem, fix it or cut it.

On the other hand, some placements just can’t convert, no matter the amount of traffic – because the traffic is poooor. Don’t rush into the millionaire mentality, those Instagram posts are not real. The leftover traffic is something worth your time – think of it as an investment.

If you found a good placement – congrats, but DON’T put all your traffic there. To use all the spots – try rotating a few landing pages and offers – and creatives (so you must know that you have to be prepared before you dig into this).

Ok, So You’ve Fixed The Traffic Problem

Still no conversions ha? First of all – forget about seeing conversions with the first offer you pick (might happen, but still, don’t get your hopes up too high). Prepare at least 10 of them to test – and see which goes well with which creatives.

Don’t just blindly take all the traffic – make sure it matches the targeting requirements for the offer you are trying to promote. If you are promoting a crypto offer on adult traffic – it’s OBVIOUSLY πŸ‘€ not gonna work. Make sure the offers fits the vertical you are targeting.

Don’t trust all the sources. Go spy on what others are doing and test similar offers. Not all offers have killer EPCs, might have worked for them, might not work for you. Maybe it was different landers or banners or some premium traffic which you might not afford at the moment. Instead of focusing on EPC focus on volume – the higher the better.


Don’t get comfortable with the thought that you might have seen that the creatives worked on a few places – that you could get away with it by copying them. You are not the only one who tired it. Spytools do help a lot – but just like any other tool, you have to use it wisely. You need to make a connection to your landing page and the offer – you have to include the human factor here. And make sure your CTA is good.


Divide your quest πŸ§πŸ½β€β™€οΈ into 2 segments – separately work on getting traffic and separately work on creatives and offers – but filter the traffic first.

Your title should be BOMB – you need to make someone blown away – So you need to grab their attention. You may use this free tool to see how engaging and powerful your titles or CTAs are. Keep in mind your title should SOLVE PEOPLE’S PROBLEMS so give ’em some real value, and spice it up with some scarcity and urgency.

Keep your Landing Page clean and keep users away from being distracted – make the focus fully on the CTA or whatever your objective is. (Make sure you test several CTAs)

Stats for 2020 say that a good landing page converts approximately around 2,35%.


We know, there are many DON’Ts here – but trust us – we are saving you time. Best advice is to be well prepared.

Don’t give up immediately, sometimes it’s slow in the beginning. So, to sum up:

  • Are you buying real traffic?
  • Are you testing enough offers?
  • How many banners and landers are you using per offer?
  • Are you using the right CTA?

Many ways you can test your traffic and no better way than let us run our campaigns by registering on our Publisher Platform. We’ve got a lot of ideas and offers for you to run if you got traffic. We have been working a long time on finding the best pattern for our offers and years of testing led us to create profitable campaigns all the time. So take a shot! Send us your traffic details and we will create a custom solution for you. Contact us.

Have you had experience with BOT traffic? Let us know what were your biggest challenges with getting your Conversions up?

Tamara Jelic

Tamara Jelic

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