How to Optimize Your Campaign the Right Way?

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Written by Tamara Jelic

How to Optimize Your Campaign the Right Way?

We understand that you might have limited funds, but bear in mind that there has to be some investment done in the beginning. Before even starting your first campaign – you need to choose the right advertizing platform. The other thing that matters is that you know what your objective is and that you strive for that.

The Most Important Part About Your Campaign and Campaign Optimization

Everything. This does sound like a lot, and it is. In order for your campaigns to be profitable, you need to prepare all the segments of your campaign and see which one works best.

There is no perfect formula, sorry to disappoint you, but there are many things that need to be considered in order to see positive results. Having all these aspects in harmony might just turn your campaign into a profitable one. Think of all of this as a machine – it is going to work if you get all the parts together in the right way.

Focusing on just one or two of these steps is not going to do much for you. The whole strategy needs to be established and all steps need to be taken into consideration. You need to have some funds to start your journey – so you need to invest some money – there is no other way around. Know this: you are not going to get revenue instantly – we had to repeat this one, so you don’t lose your will. Think of it as an investment – invest in building a profitable strategy.

By investing – by having split-tests you are learning, and figuring out what the problems are and how to solve them. When you do figure out what is “wrong” with your campaign, you need to know WHY it happened so you do not do that “mistake” again.

Why is My Campaign Not Working?

You need to separate things first. You do not do the same tests with for example dropshipping campaign and a push campaign. The thing is – when things go wrong – you need to question everything – starting from your offer. Is my landing page working, did I target the audience badly, are my creatives bad? Everything needs to be in question – even the CTA button.

Some of these aspects of your campaign are more important than the other and all of these need to be approached separately.

The Offer – The Ultimate Goal

This is WHAT is the most important part of your campaign for sure. Knowing what you sell and believing in that product/service is crucial. For example – if the product is perfect (if there is still such a thing upcoming) – like Coca Cola for example, or Xbox – and it had a lousy commercial or creative – it would still sell.

Let’s take a more realistic example for this purpose. Let’s take a VPN offer for instance. There are many VPN offers out there and people do have certain brands they trust. You need to think of a strategy to get this VPN offer run well and convert well.

Research what your competition does. Invest time researching and finding cool things you can get inspiration from. We recommend that you create your “Ad Collage” – it’s a name we use for the collection of Ads Worth Clicking hehe 🙂 Having the best ads you find in one place helps you see what could work well for your ad in the future. So when you create personal this collage of yours – make sure you check it frequently and start making a puzzle for your own creative.

The Creatives

Your ad will be visible to the audience – duh – so the HOW they will see you are up to you. The creatives are the images or videos you will be using on the traffic source (organic or paid). The most important thing is of course to capture someone’s attention. Depending on the traffic source you are going to need different creatives. For example, you cannot use the same create for advertising on an ad network and advertising on Facebook for example. Btw, if you are doing Facebook ads, here are some tips for you.

You have to know something – no one wants to know that your product is the best product. Everyone is sick and tired of ads – let’s face it. You hate ads. What you need to do, and what we are not tired of saying, focus on benefits – present what the user can get when he gets your product/service.
For example:

You should not say: Get Our Amazing VPN! We are the Best VPN Service! Try something like NAME OF THE VPN to the Rescue! Block ads everywhere!

So you give them value immediately, and the value is – freeing them from unwanted ads. From our experience, there is a bigger chance for the user to click on the second ad.

The Landing Page

You know that landing pages are custom made pages which contain a specific interest of a person who clicked on your creative and was redirected to. This is a way you tailor a specific experience for the user and that is the selling point.

WHY should a person buy or get this service. If the user clicks on the ad, it does not necessarily mean that you will sell the product or service. Try to be consistent in the manner that you need to keep your creatives and landing page connected and not mislead people.

By getting more people to view your landing page and get more info about the offer or service you are providing you are closer to a successful conversion and of course, revenue.

Our recommendation is that the landing page consists of the following: Headline (A catchy one), Copy (sharp, short sentences, clear and simple language), Design (get them right colors together), CTA (here is a blog we wrote on this topic), Urgency (give them a limit for the offer).

Your landing page needs to be fast. You may check your landing page speed here. Also, consider getting a pre-lander as well, if your offer requires a pre-lander, so it can warm up the people who click on your creative.

Besides this, get a spy tool to test landing pages until you find the perfect landing page. Don’t copy someone else’s pages, get inspiration from them.

The Targeting

This is the WHO part. You need to know to whom you are showing your ads. If you are using a traffic platform this depends on it. So, for example, if you are using Facebook for launching your VPN campaign, you need to create different ad sets and take interests as groups: programmers vs. students and remote workers, and similar.

Narrow down your audience to get the most specific targeting. Research which offers convert well in which countries and start testing. When you optimize the creatives you do not need to specify gender or anything.

Have in mind that different countries convert differently on different offers. If you are doing tests for different countries, make sure that the tests are all different since you need to take into consideration the above mentioned.

On the other hand if you see the same ad is converting well in many countries, go for it. It is not forbidden.

The Angles

This is the HOOK of the WHAT. Another how, besides the creative, you are going to get people’s attention. And similar to the creative – here you need to think about what kind of benefits you can present to the potential customer. Instead of just one benefit – test several benefits separately and see which one works better, in which country, on what device, etc.

Your angle along with your creatives and targeting has to be relevant to the people who visit your landing page – keep that in mind.

Other important Stuff

So when you figure out all these steps above (you noticed that some of these things were easier to test, others not so easy), you want to go live with your best combo.

You may, for example, notice that people are clicking on your creatives and they are getting redirected to your landing page, but after they get on the landing page you see that there is something that makes them click the X button. You need to ask yourself WHY?

Check if the landing page has errors, check if the CTA button is in the right place. See if your ads are misleading: If your ad for the VPN offer says Protect Your Privacy and the lander (landing page) asks for the user’s card number immediately – it might ring the wrong bells.

Still Not Sure What Offers To Run?

We got plenty of ideas and offers for you to run if you got traffic. We have been working a long time on finding the best pattern for our offers and years of testing led us to create profitable campaigns all the time.

If you have high-quality traffic and you’re looking for the most efficient way to monetize it you’ve come to the right address. We feature internal-built Pay Per Install offers that need constant traction.

Contact us and, depending on your vertical, we might just have something for you to try out.

To Wrap It Up

Follow these steps and you will see how slowly things will turn on your side. Also, if you got some extra budget – still seeing that as investment, get yourself some tools so they make your life a lot easier.

What we recommend is getting:

  • Grammarly – you don’t want those ads with typos
  • a Heat Map software – to know where your campaigns are working better
  • Ahrefs – we love this tool, helps with keyword research
  • Ubersuggest – another keyword tool which rocks
  • Tracking tools: Here are some of our favs.
  • Google keyword planner – this is a free tool we all love right?

Besides this, friend, scroll through your feed, and screenshot ads, see where people engage the most, browse through online design galleries, read product descriptions, check out ad galleries (yes, this exists), here is an example.

Hope you enjoyed our blog and found something useful, we are sure we are not the gods of marketing, but we are getting there 😉.

Tamara Jelic

Tamara Jelic

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